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  1. A Brilliant, Thoughtful and Thorough Treatment for How To Deal with Former PRETEND Part-Time Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and His Miscreant Brother, Drug Ford TWO !!

  2. Exactly what a downtown elite would say.

  3. An insightful, expert, and dare I say, definitive perspective on what ails us currently – and some clear ways forward. Thank you! A must-share! Love, a Scarborough resident. :)

  4. “Exactly what a downtown elite would say” – Michael

    And there in lies the problem, if you start to look into the factual basis of anything that Rob Ford says, or call him on it, or the many other lies and mis-information that he spreads – you immediately are branded an “elite” , and out of touch with reality.

    The above article should be read by every Ford voter and supporter, but it will never see the light of day in their world. They are happy to take a face value, false and absurd claims of, “saving a billion dollars”.

    Even worse, Ford supporters, don’t see the real problem, and hypocrisy of how a vote for Ford, in the mid-to-long-run, is hurtful and damaging to their prospects. He routinely votes, “No” when it comes to matters at council that, would actually really help them!

    For now the political world of Toronto is upside down!

  5. Growing income inequality is sure to bring us more ignorance and violent, resentful populism. But the downtown elites have no plans to do anything about that, so who cares what else they have to say or write.