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#CycleChicFilms: Between the Stops

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Vancouver is a spectacular city to traverse on two wheels – for locals and visitors, alike. But it’s not about where you go, rather who you go there with.

This is particularly true for Josh Bloomfield, the founder of Cycle City Tours and the subject of the seventh of our #CycleChicFilms series: entitled “Between the Stops”.

Josh elevates his tours beyond a checklist of landmarks to make them interactive, social experiences. He recently launched the first craft brewery bicycle tour in Vancouver — because, obviously.

During the making of this film, Josh spent the day with the Vancouver Cycle Chic team traveling to many of the locations he includes in his expeditions: Stanley ParkGranville IslandRobson SquareGastown and Bomber Brewing.

Take the tour with us:


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Special Thanks – Stephen Mancer, Stephanie Orford, Neil Salmond