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WWW: Cycling and the city — the bold, the bad, and the beautiful

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Innovative new ideas for bicycle parking

As cycling becomes an increasingly popular mode of urban transportation cities are experiencing a serious shortage of bicycle parking spaces. To combat this shortage, innovators are designing creative new methods of utilizing scarce urban space to create bicycle parking.

Does improving cycling infrastructure lead to gentrification? 

Studies in San Francisco show the increased desirability of neighbourhoods with cycling infrastructure, but how are the two correlated?

Sweden designing bike oriented apartment buildings

Swedish developers have created a clever new apartment building that enables a cycling oriented lifestyle. The development includes extra large mailboxes for online shopping deliveries, communal cargo bikes, and double-doored elevators.

photo courtesy of fastcoexist


One comment

  1. Each of the linked articles caused me to roll my eyes and think, “someone just doesn’t get it.”

    Does improving cycling infrastructure lead to gentrification? If someone believes that gentrification is caused by the cheapest form of transportation that is affordable by the poorest people, then they just don’t get it.

    Perhaps, (surprise, surprise) gentrification is associated with all kinds of amenities that make a neighbourhood attractive for people to live there. Maybe we should ward this off by promptly installing a toxic nuclear waste dump. That will prevent gentrification!

    On to the Swedish apartment building. The first image caused myself (and any cycling Swede who saw it) to roll his eyes once again. Here is a little hint: Most people over the age of 50 are unable or unwilling to drag a bicycle up a set of stairs and then lift it up onto a hook set rather high up on a wall. Why do I suspect that this image was created by someone a lot younger than me? I have a feeling that in real life, the apartment building is a little bit more accessible to people like me than what is shown.

    Then onto the bike parking article. Such a breathless tone to describe steel racking. This is not rocket science.