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The Future Fix Podcast: Food security and circular economies

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Spacing and Evergreen proudly present The Future Fix: Solutions for Communities Across Canada, a special podcast series.

THIS EPISODE: Food Security and circular economies

Many people across Canada live without reliable access to food. At the same time, much of the food we do have goes to waste — 2.2 million tonnes, according to advocates.

We need to change the way we produce food, as well as change the linear economy that leads to so much waste, and leaves many people without this basic necessity for life.

Barbara Swartzenruber, executive director of Guelph’s Smart Cities Office, tells us about “Our Food Future,” a Smart City Challenge-winning proposal to create a circular food economy, reduce waste, and connect local people and businesses with the ingredients they need.

And Thomas Rohner in Iqaluit speaks with Steven Lonsdale of the Qikiqtani Inuit Association who explains how new technology has been integrated into traditional Inuk hunting practices, and helped the people there navigate the changing landscape caused by climate change.

The Future Fix is a partnership between Spacing and Evergreen for the Community Solutions Network: a program of Future Cities Canada. As the program lead, Evergreen is working with Open North and partners to help communities of all sizes across Canada navigate the smart cities landscape. The Community Solutions Network is supported with funding provided by Infrastructure Canada.

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