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Get to know the city this weekend

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This weekend there are a number of excellent public space related events that are worth checking out.
1. Sorauren Park Summer Festival. Saturday. Spacing is test-running Stories In Toronto, where a number of people share their true tales of life in public space. We will begin our own event in August. Lots of things to do from 1-11pm. More on their website.
2. Art exhibit at King Station. Starts Saturday. For his exhibit Wednesday January 5, 2005, artist Michael Brown collected a total of 69 individual transfers on a 10-hour trip on the TTC that took him to every subway station on the system. Each transfer is accompanied by a pencil sketch of a subway rider at each station. Check it out at the Melinda Street exit.
3. Re-painting Queen Street Alleys. Sunday. Style in Progress organizes the yearly event where the alley from Spadina to just east of Bathurst is reimagined by 100 graffiti artists. More info on their website