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Meeting on the fate of the Gardiner & Street Design

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Thursday August 11, 2005 starting at 6:30
Location: 115 the Esplanade (near Church St.)
East meeting room, ring bell
6:30pm: street design
7:30pm: the future of the Gardiner & smog reduction efforts

At 6:30 pm there will be a discussion on the characteristics for future arterial streets or boulevards in Toronto with Stephanie Tencer, a city planner specializing in streets and urban design. This is a meeting of Feet On The Street, in association with Rocket Riders.

FOTS is working on a plan to reduce car use and smog in the central area of Toronto (& perhaps other areas). Plans to reconfigure the Gardiner are supposed to be put forward this fall. Many environmentalists such as John Stillich (SUDA), David White and opponents of the Front street extension have put forward ideas to significantly alter the Gardiner corridor. The potential proposals exposed in the Star last winter actually expanded the capacity of the Gardiner and cost over a billion dollars each.The current studies are done without public oversight. Rather than rely on the traffic engineers to come up with an expensive proposal which expands highway capacity, environmentalists and people interested in a livable city should have alternative proposals ready. If we don’t, who will?

A link to the proposals in the Star here.