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Tree Pit Gardening Angels come forward

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Spadina tree pit in bloom thanks to urbanspace

The gardening angels responsible for the Spadina tree pits in bloom have come forward – it’s urbanspace Property Group, who are responsible for the marvellous renovation of 401 Richmond. They were inspired by another neighbour – and let’s hope they inspire others in turn. It’s not that hard, and does wonders for the street – and the trees. If there’s a neglected tree in a concrete-covered pit outside your property, try it yourself!

Urbanspace says it best themselves:

“We’re not shy! As the owners and operators of 215 Spadina Avenue (urbanspace Property Group) we’re happy to take credit for at least two of the flower beds that are popping up along the Spadina sidewalk (one of ours is pictured in the original posting [and above]). We are a mission-driven developer (also responsible for 401 Richmond St. W.) committed to creating aesthetically beautiful and environmentally regenerative urban green spaces whenever and wherever we can (rooftops hold endless possibilities). We were inspired by a neighbour across the street who had already reclaimed a tree pit. All it took to get the trees in front of our building released from their concrete prison was a couple of calls to the City of Toronto. Once the soil space was exposed, our Property Manager Mike Moody added some black gold (compost) from 401 Richmond, rich soil, and introduced some gorgeous plants that are thriving in their new home. Removing these concrete blocks and exposing the tree pits will also do wonders for the trees planted there. Firstly, a lot more water can get to their roots increasing their chances of survival and secondly, the flowers act as a buffer against people and things bumping into them or bikes being attached to them, which is stressful to young trees. It’s as easy as pie and we encourage other property owners and businesses along the street, and throughout the city, to take advantage of this greening opportunity. “