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Viacom’s breaking all the rules

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The Toronto Public Space Committee has researched the contract that Viacom has with the City of Toronto for ads on transit shelters and has found that many of their current ad campaigns violate the conditions. The TPSC is calling for the immediate removal of the iPod ads on streetcar shelters, the nine foot tall Listerine bottles on bus shelters, and the Herbal Essence shelter wraps. Words from the TPSC’s website:

The iPod ads have been the target of unprecedented vandalism. As soon as they were installed, people began ripping them down. While the TPSC does not condone vandalism, in this case we support these acts as civilian enforcement of regulations that Toronto staff are ignoring. After all, these ads shouldn’t be there in the first place. They are esentially pieces of litter left behind by Viacom. And the Mayor has asked everyone to pick up litter.

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