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Some good readings

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 A few tasty reads for you: here are three recent columns from Christopher Hume at the Star. The first column is about the public art at Toronto’s international airport. In the second column he writes about development in Uxbridge, a town of 18,000 just north of Toronto, where suburban sprawl is apparent, yet people can still walk almost everywhere. The third column from Hume is about the waterfront and how the condos and development along the lip of Lake Ontario represents the city’s last chance to build new downtown neighbourhoods that are intelligent, sustainable and mixed.

Still on the waterfront, Air Canada’s Jazz has suspended operations at Toronto’s island airport, adding another twist to this weird saga. Mayor Miller has sent a letter to the federal government asking that the Toronto Port Authority be investigated for it’s bizaare handling of the airport. Check out’s post on the TTC fare hike and just-busted counterfit token ring — lots of external links for commentary.