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EUCAN’T! Megabins are dead!

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Yesterday, it became official: the mega-bins are dead.

The city planned to leave the existing bins and allow advertising for the next few years until the Street Furniture deal was complete. Councillor Janet Davis proposed and passed an amendment that any councillor who wished the bins removed could request it. So it is up to you to contact your city councillor and ask that they have them replaced with real garbage bins.

Thank your friendly neighbourhood Toronto Public Space Committee for making the public aware of this monstrosity and fighting this horrible idea right to the end.



  1. Anyone who helped kill these things deserves a pat on the back.

  2. I hope that all of those people Eucan claimed fully supported their monstrosities (what was their figure? 80% or something like that) don’t riot upon hearing the news…

    Congrats to TPSC

  3. I’d love to contact my councillor, but Ward 35 is currently vacant.

  4. Thank you thank you thank you!
    These megabins never were about collecting garbage or recycling. They were about advertising, in the most blatant manner possible, with some smallish garbage bins added on as an afterthought.

  5. I didn’t mind the ones in picture 3…I thought they were pretty good. But the others were just plain stupid.

  6. Woo hoo!

    Thank-you so much to everyone who did anything to keep these wasteful eyesores off the street!

    Congratulations all around. 🙂

    There should be a party to celebrate!

  7. We actually are planning on having a party, Magda, but the details are yet to be worked out. You can bet that when we have everything in place, however, it will be announced on the Spacing Wire.

  8. Now, which unfortunate city will be getting all our used megabins?