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Toronto in the news today

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Here are a list of articles that are worth reading today.

• EDITORIAL: Miller faces tests on growth, budget [ Toronto Star ]
• Miller mum on 25% pay hike for MPPs [ Toronto Star ]
• Affluent Beaches residents freeze out homeless [ Toronto Star ]
• GTA a model for all of Canada [ Toronto Star ]
• A national debate on prostitution [ Toronto Star ]
• Cars kill too, York police chief says [ National Post ]
• New approach to TTC streetcar refurbishing [ Toronto Sun ]

photo by Sam Javanrouh 



  1. The Beach Residents that halted the homeless program are upset that they were not consulted or involved in any way in a program that directly affects their neighbourhood.

    The Beaches is known for its strong sense of community and the active role its residents play in shaping the neighbourhood. All too often social programs that start with noble intentions but are poorly executed do more damage than good to the communities they try to help.

    Spacing should avoid jumping on sensational headlines that are only meant to stir up bad feelings.

  2. When TTC bought the current street cars they were WAY heavier that the old ones. So they do more damage to the roads and must use more juice to go. I hope the new streetcars are lighter. That would be a bit of progress.