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Friday’s Headlines

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• Far too big, too high, too close [ Toronto Star ]
• Moscoe floats a parking tax [ Toronto Star ]
• TTC plans light rail web [ Toronto Star ]
• TTC to introduce ‘ambitious’ transit plan Friday [ cbc ]
• TTC proposes network of light rail transit [ National Post ]
• Green trains lack cash [ Toronto Sun ]
• The Dufferin exodus [ Toronto Star ]
• Driver’s beware: Blitzes give way to non-stop traffic watch [ cbc ]
• OPP to change course on traffic patrol [ Globe and Mail ]
• OPP blitzes give way to 24-hour enforcement [ National Post ]
• Priority is traffic safety [ Toronto Sun ]
• City lacks affordable housing, report says [ Globe and Mail ]
• Skateboarder hit by car finds himself fined $50 [ National Post ]
• The Writing’s on the Wall…at Dupont & Spadina [ Torontoist ]
• OCAD’s mobile media lab embraces John Street [ Reading Toronto ]



  1. FYI: Drivers beware, not Driver’s.

    Also, it’s better to link the article title than the name of the publication. It makes more sense to people using screen readers, for one thing.

  2. It is no surprise people are leaving Dufferin: the houses are just plain ugly. Even the brick is ugly. The wrought iron everything, the occasional vinyl siding disaster, and the kind of hideous duplexes I avoided as a kid when I would take bike tours of Long Island neighborhoods.

    Even though it is our closest link to the subway, we consciously avoid the Dufferin bus just to avoid the landscape. We only make exceptions for Dufferin Grove because the bread at the farmer’s market is so tasty.

    It is worth noting, though, that it is probably the most multicultural bus route along Queen West, which is refreshing in such a homogeneous ‘hood.

  3. So multi-cultural people live in crappy areas you avoid. Not like all the white people at the farmers market or at the Gladstone. How about revisiting your post a second time and thinking about what you are saying. Be sure to include any other areasof the city that you would like to stigmatize.

    The reason the population is going down is that the area is old and about to undergo the enevitable change that happens as a generation moves or passes on. Houses are returning to single family homes.

    Many of the people who sit on the porches of the homes that you find ugly are the people who built this city. Their homes may not be to your taste but the inhabitants deserve neighbourly respect.

  4. Snap!

    Oh dear Kevin, stick to what you know, or say these things in private!
    Jen B.