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Public Space Invaders III: tonight!

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TONIGHT! One night only! A collection of short films about Toronto’s public spaces.

We’ve been able to put together a really great lineup for next week’s Public Space Invaders at the Drake Hotel Underground (1150 Queen St. West — view map) — but only because there are so many talented people around who like Toronto and make films and videos about it. This time, 98% of the films are Torontonian. We’ve got one short from Buffalo, which is almost the same thing, if you believe their PBS station (seems like a reasonable proposition).

Some of the films we’ll show include:

-Debut showing of the trailer for Infest Wisely, a lo-fi sci-fi film shot in and around Toronto’s public spaces

-TTC spec ads by Peter Rogers (the better way to make an ad)

Drum 13 by Tony Round — a banjo and a massive abandoned Cherry Beach oil drum really do belong together

-An except from Jump, a documentary by Peter Riddihough, where we’ll watch a fellow parachute from a half-finished condo tower

Small Cascade for a large city — a choreographed water dance in the Trinity-Bellwoods splash pond by Nick Tobier

Incidental Park Zones and You by John Marriott

Reve Infini, an operatic short shot in Toronto and along the Scarborough Bluffs by Nigel Hunt starring soprano Measha Brueggergosman

Urban River, a documentary about the Don River by Stephen Broomer

Public Transit 101 — TTC etiquette by Phillip Roh

Watch me Break it down by Julie Perini, hopping around Buffalo

Permutations/Combinations — interchangeable suburban housing by David Han

The Midway by Peggy Anne Berton, a short super-8 film about finding teenage kicks at the CNE

Ice Groove, by Lisa Logan, looking at the yearly ice-bike-race at Dufferine Grove and the characters who are involved

Love to all the rebels by Tino

-A series public space moments by Ryan Marr

Plus more.

Doors are at 7:30, films start at 8pm. $10 ($5 after films)
If you can’t make it for the films, come by later as everybody is invited to stick around for the two bands with lovely pop sounds we have lined up. Love, Anna (on at 10:15ish) and Mariposa (11:30ish).

Public Space Invaders is grateful for the support of Autoshare.



  1. How’d it go from “$5-10 sliding scale” last year to $10 this year, and brought to you by AutoShare? It it $7 for popcorn too?

  2. Such a cynic, John.

    Something else came up tonight. Will these videos be viewable online post show?


  3. At $10, it’s still cheaper than going to see 300 or some equally silly movie at the Paramount. If last year’s show is any indication, it should be well worth the money. My favourite film was the series of interviews regarding the escalator.

  4. Lee> Some of them are, some not. It’s up to the filmmakers. But if you follow the links on their names above, you can find some of them, I think.

    miro> There’s another one about escalators this time too.