SPACING POLL: how many times have you been to a Toronto beach this summer?

Hanlan's Point

A few weeks ago the Spacing editorial crew headed out to Hanlan’s Point on the Toronto Islands to experience some beach culture. Most of us, when asked, noted it was the first time we’d gone to the beach in 2007. Those conversations have inspired this week’s Spacing Poll.

photo by Bouke Salverda


  1. Unfortunately, the answer for me is none. I went to Florida beaches countless times this summer, and it was unprecedented.

  2. I was at the one on Ward’s Island just recently, and it was pretty much ruined by a party boat floating between the island and the spit blasting horrible techno. I’m consistently amazed at how inconsiderate some people are.

  3. Here’s a better question: how many people have been to the beach and actually SWAM???? It’s getting funny, the number of disapproving comments one gets at the mention of “I went swimming at Cherry Beach last night”. Torontonians are still afraid of the water.

  4. Lisa> Silly people, but an uphill battle convincing them otherwise due to so many years of thinking otherwise. Once you get them out to the water they usually realize the water is exceptionally clean.

    Smitty> We’ve taken to yelling at the boats when they are in too close, and they have actually listened (turned down their stereos….moved father out). They line “the whole beach is pissed off at you” usually helps.

  5. I’m not much of a swimmer, so the fact that I only ever have my feet in the water when I visit Toronto’s beaches (Ward’s, Hanlan’s, The Beach, Cherry…) has little to do with whether or not I think it’s clean. If I was a swimmer, I’d be swimming.

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