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  1. Royson James is Sue-Ann Levy for the Star. Well He is not THAT bad(or ignorant), but some of his comments are pretty aggravating.

    The pay by distance idea will not work in Toronto. The TTC abolished it for a reason in the past. Just becuase a transit agency is strapped for cash, shouldn’t mean they should simply stop thinking about expansion. When the money does come, the TTC will be in a position to implement these ideas.

  2. James also likes the Front St. Extension and can’t see how it harms two transit systems, and Giambrone owes Joe too much to vote against it or to convert it to transit. If we did explore putting transit back on Front St. instead of the WWLRT, I think we could save a few hundred million, which is a bus fleet, or making up the extra for more locally made vehicles etc. etc.
    It’s uphill getting this point of view out there as the mainstream pollutocratic press tends to be “carrupt” and has parked principles behind development, so pardon me for often harping on this topic but a few hundred million and massive mistakes in transport are at stake.

  3. Oh, enough about the Front Street Extension already. Even *I* am getting tired of it.

  4. Is James talking about the Eglinton LRT? It sounds like he is talking of some union link to be run by TTC?

  5. Hamish, I don’t think you have made yourself clear. What is your position on the FSE? Could you maybe reiterate it a few dozen more times? Make sure you include the same bad jokes each time too, they would certainly strengthen your case.

  6. The article “TTC needs more than dreaming” discusses the idea of extending the subway to the airport.

    On my trips to Toronto, I found the bus link to the airport to be convenient, except for the fact that it was a regular bus, with no extra room for luggage. This meant that I would have to put the luggage on a spare seat, the aisle, or on my lap.

    It’s been two years since I’ve visited Toronto, so this may have changed. If not, service would be much improved if the airport bus included luggage racks. The loss of space for people could be offset with more frequent service.