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  1. From the Mope&Wail article on Benn Kerr:

    The name of an iconic Torontonian known best as a busker and mayoral candidate will live on in a downtown neighbourhood.

    City council passed a motion this week to name a laneway near Danforth and Jones

    Only to the Globe and Mail could Danforth and Jones = Downtown.

  2. I don’t know — when I’m talking to people from the old city of Toronto area, I will be specific by neighbourhood. When I’m talking to people GTA-ish or from outside of Toronto I will say “downtown” to refer to the whole area of the old city of Toronto, because anything more specific doesn’t register. When I lived at Dupont and Christie, and Dupont and Spadina I said “downtown”. When I lived at Yonge and St. Clair I sometimes said downtown or mid-town. Now I’m east, still downtown.

    Outside of Toronto, Toronto often means Etobicoke or even Thornhill to many people. So when you say “downtown” they know you live “in the city”.