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Friday’s Headlines

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Reflections on lives hidden in full view [ Toronto Star ]
Miller wants quick vote on new taxes [ cbc ]
Miller renews tax pitch [ Toronto Star ]
Mayor throws down gauntlet on tax proposal [ Globe and Mail ]
Dave keeps on pluggin’ [ Toronto Sun ]
Mayor’s game plan full of holes [ Toronto Star ]
It’s still a big deal for visitors [ National Post ]
CN Tower topples to Number 2 [ Toronto Star ]
CN tower comes up short [ Toronto Sun ]
TTC ponders zoned fares [ Toronto Star ]
How to rethink the city [ Reading Toronto ]



  1. Royson’s column today: no punditry, just dispassionate observations, eh?

    A letter writer had an interesting way of framing the fare hike, noting that it took the TTC all of a day to approve a hike that will increase its users’ transportation costs by $111 per year, yet council has been arguing for months over the annual $60 vehicle registration fee.

  2. Actually Brent, no one on council besides the usual suspects of Ford and Holyday are protesting the vehicle reg tx. its all Land Transfer Tax.

  3. Oh, look. It’s Mark Dowling, who has taken a break from his job constantly refreshing Posted Toronto to make a drive-by comment.

  4. Dude – constantly refreshing a site is so 1990s. Get Google Reader already.

    As for Posted Toronto – I feel kinda sorry for them as if the comments are anything to go by I think I may be one of about five people who ever happened across the site!