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  1. Positively progressive! Nice to know that somewhere in North Americar there’s bike promotion – here in Ontcario we like the car industry so much as a job creator we’re not willing to restrict the use of cell phones while driving to we make jobs in our hospitals etc. etc.

  2. well this local undemocratic party (NDP)will never actually take action to make bikes a positive influence in this city.In fact they seem to help promote the car as a no choice alternative, especially with the lousy service on the ttc. Not to mention any promotion of bikes, why even the mayor seems to have abandoned his fake bike promotions.So lets just forget it and face reality, three more years!

  3. Bikes in Toronto had to carry licence plates sometime in the 1940s.
    I remember the joy of attaching a plate to my first bike – a CCM.

  4. The Bicycle Alliance of Washington as a similar plate out, and although they initially resisted the idea (it costs money to get one of these designed and approved), it has turned into a decent continuing source of revenue for them.