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Heritage Toronto walking tours this weekend: West Junction & Yorkville Hippies

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We apologize for the tardiness of this post — we hope walk-devotees also check Heritage Toronto’s wonderful new site for walk listings as well. Junction residents keen for an early afternoon walk could likely make today’s stroll.

This weekend’s Heritage Toronto walks (free + no reservation required):

Saturday, May 31 — 1:00 PM
West Toronto Junction

A centre of industry and commerce linked to the Dundas Highway and the junction of several railway lines, this prosperous little town voted to ban the sale of alcohol in 1904. Find out why – and hear other stories of The Junction, including the amalgamation of the cities of “West Toronto” and “Toronto” in 1909.

LEADER: Madeleine McDowell and West Toronto Junction Historical Society
START POINT: NW corner of Runnymede Rd and Dundas St
FINISH POINT: Keele St, S of Dundas St W
LENGTH: Approx. 2 hours
DIFFICULTY: Long walk on sidewalks, some rough ground



Sunday June 1 11:00 AM— 12:30 PM
The Yorkville Music Scene of the 1960s.

Discover the birthplace of Canadian song. Visit the sites of famous clubs and coffeehouses like the Riverboat and the Penny Farthing and learn how stars such as Joni Mitchell and Neil Young got their start.

LEADERS: Nicholas Jennings
START POINT: NE corner of Avenue Rd and Pears Ave
FINISH POINT: Yorkville Ave and Bellair St
LENGTH: Approx. 1 ½ hours
DIFFICULTY: Average walk on sidewalks



Photo by Smaku.