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Tamil Protest: The taking of the Gardiner Expressway

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Some remarkable and quickly uploaded footage from Spadina Avenue earlier this evening when the Tamil protest took the Gardiner Expressway by fivelitre89. Please feel free to link to other videos you may know about in the comment section. If you click here and follow #tamil on Twitter, some good citizen photography is also being posted. You may have to scroll through some nasty comments though. It may be good to have a discussion of where the line in protests should be — democracy vs. too much — or maybe while the event is ongoing, it may be too hot to debate right now. The only other time I recall something like this happening was last year, when Critical Mass shut the Gardiner down by riding onto it.

UPDATE: A set of photos has been put on flickr by yumkerun. As I mentioned on Twitter a bit ago “so many waterfront condos, so many cameras.”

UPDATE: Another great collection of photos.



  1. these pieces of garbage should be all in jail

  2. Take a deep breath, Rick, and imagine if it was your relatives and friends dying.

  3. Hey! We’ve hardly ever had to delete a comment on Spacing before. Like really, hardly ever. But Rick’s above gets close — say why you disagree with the taking of the Gardiner, even passionately, but Rick-style doesn’t do anything, and will be deleted.

  4. Let’s give in this time, so that any time any protest group wants to get their way, they know that the best way to do it is to shut down the Gardiner.

  5. Whatever reservations I have about their cause, I am very impressed at the Tamil community’s ability to organize these protests and keep them going.

    I saw them marching down Spadina today, on their way to the waterfront. They were very organized and working with the police to make sure it all went smoothly.

  6. peaceful protest…parents have brought their young children into a dangerous situation. Atop a bridge where one stupid person can cause mass movement. these children could get trampled. this is all illegal. many other peaceful protests have occured without endangering children. blocking a major highway is illegal. as these “protesters” gradually leave the highway, charge them all with a fine and give half of the money to their cause and half to the city for the extra cost of teh law enforcement. everybody wins, so just get it together.

  7. Look at the silver lining: this may be the way to get suburbanites to leave their cars at home!

  8. Yay power to the people! While I do not support their cause so much, I love the fact that they shut down the Gardiner.

  9. I’m relieved they have peacefully moved to Queen’s Park. Last night, it didn’t look hopeful this would end well. The Gardiner just isn’t a good location for a protest — not only is there a lot of pressure to re-open it, but as Bill Blair said, there’s too much danger of a stampede down the ramps.

    As much as the Gardiner isn’t popular, that isn’t really the point. I do think there’s a balance to be achieved, and freedom of expression doesn’t include freedom to shut down the city. The same style of protest could shut down a subway line. (And it’d take much less to shut down the Martin Goodman Trail!)

  10. Still awaiting Rick’s comment deletion, Shawn. While Spacing may allegedly delete comments only rarely, some comments curiously fail to show up.

  11. Our collective anti-expressway sentiments and desire for activating roads as shared public space is muddying what should be a clear cut response: Do. Not. Shut. Down. Public. Arteries.

    We live in civilization, and civilization depends upon certain rules in order to function. Yes, political inaction can be very frustrating whether it is foreign policy or car dominance on Jarvis, but this is not the way to engage debate.

    Get off the roadways or the public will end up electing Giuliani in response to this kind of disorder (either in spirit or maybe literally – the guy needs a job). Is that really what everyone wants?

  12. Matt L., I was thinking about your comment on shutting down the Martin Goodman Trail. I don’t think it would be possible for a group to close it without assaulting people who try to pass.

    With that comparison, maybe motorists feel they are being assaulted somehow by not being allowed to travel on certain streets. It would explain the level of resentment a lot of people are posting on the local blogs.

  13. Sorry, I must have missed the part where this became a Tamil protest against the Gardiner.

    Talk about NOT getting your point across.

  14. What a show of mass lunacy. These people had taken over an unrelated public artery and why? Because they just kind of ended up there because they didn’t want to go home after getting all riled up from the Queen’s Park / University protest. In addition to this, they carried out violent assaults against our own police officers.

    I think these Tamils quickly forgot that these are the very officers that protect them in their own city of residence, and created a situation that forced officers city-wide to babysit them while they carried out a mind-numbingly thoughtless act of social terrorism. Do they really think everyone sees them in a more positive light now? Should Canada step up its involvement in Sri Lanka in fear of another mindless mob? There are better ways to get the message across, and ones that would actually get some respect and understanding from the rest of the viewers instead of shaming the city and themselves.

  15. i just have a quick question for everyone,

    if the LTT leader is protecting tamil civilians , why doesnt he surrender him self to the srilankan police, then the war will be done!!! instead why are they hiding and still bombing places??? TAMILS its your own kind thats getting you killed!!!

    you dont think the army dies from this and other civilians, they die as well how come no one is talking abou that???

    but what ever it is please stop this prtesing in canada,

  16. Since when are Tamil people considered “garbage”?
    I understand that many families were coming from Mother’s Day parties and such but, imagine.
    Most of the Tamil Children back in Sri Lanka, No Longer have a mother to celebrate
    Mother’s day with.

    Think Before you say anything.


  17. LISTEN TO YOURSELF YOU “CANADIANS”!!!! Do you only care about highways instead of the death of 1,000 people.If you are blaming the us tamils for not seeing your mother on mothers days it’s not our fault, it’s the sri lankan governments fault.They are killing thousands of people in just one day!!This war has been going on for 31 YEARS.The sooner the canadian governments does something the sooner we will stop the protests!!!

  18. Do you have even a tiny bit of manner canadians!!! We are doing this protest cause we CARE did you hear of the word “CARE” before it means we want everybody to LIVE not DIE!!!

  19. please, just help us to save our families back in Sri lanka.

  20. hey everyone, while these people may be protesting for the genocide, I think overall these protesters are a nuisance to the Canadian citizens living here in Toronto. No offense but they are blocking a major highway, and I sympathize with all the people who have places to go, work to attend to, university classes to attend to but can’t because of these people. While I don’t agree with Rick that they should go to jail, these people need to compose themselves in a proper manner if they want to get anything across to the government. On that note, from the footage I have seen on the news websites, these Tamils are BARBARIC!!!!! in that case I agree that some of them need to get arrested or at least get a ticket

  21. I understand that many people are very upset about the Gardiner being shut down, I will apologize to you on behalf of the protest and the inconvenience it may have caused. But the fact of the matter is that thousands of people are dying, and no one is taking an action against it. The people on that highway are not stupid. They know what they’re doing, they know the possible consequences. Many of the people there were students, not only from high schools but also colleges and universities, majoring in various fields. The people who are making negative comments about Tamils do not fully understand the frustration, anger and pain these people are facing, having to fear if their relatives are dead today or tomorrow or within the next hour. They don’t understand the feelings of the students that are there. The fact that they can’t concentrate on school work, they can’t go home and sleep in peace or do anything a regular student should be able to do. And they HAVE been protesting WITHIN the legal system for months now. And what happened? Nothing. That’s why they’re desperate now, for their families and their loved ones. Open your eyes and minds and realize that there’s TWO sides to this story.

  22. yo u saying these people all should be put to jail!! ehh but say if it was ur country would u shut up and just let them die
    wouldnt u be worried and be sad that your relative are dying out their!!!
    u wouldnt be able to set ur minds to things would u?
    soooo wht just cause we are tamil dont mean we dont got much right or we cant do what white or other nationallity would do!!! that so ain fair!!!
    if u think were disturbin the community well we ain were just trying to get help..and get our message out clearly…n so far uptil we did ths we didnt get no help n we felt helpless and like onli a few knew bout this with this we done dont u see alot of people knows and the gov’ment would help out now……

    soo without knowing nothing dont talk rubish!!!
    all white people are is only think that ur white and u guys are the main!!!!!!
    well this is multicultural place so think equally!!!

  23. Poor Tamils, they have never had a PR agent and always seized defeat from the jaws of victory in their long struggle against genocide. Desperation has a way of doing that. The Gardiner stunt has started to turn the public against them.

  24. Is everyone crazy? Why are people so adamantly opposed to blocking the Gardiner? It’s a big inconvenience for those drivers, but that’s all it is; it’s not a matter of life and death, like it is for the people the protest is for. Unless you were one of the people stuck in a car on the Gardiner, I don’t understand why people are so upset about this, considering the cause of the protest.

  25. first, why should we care about your plight? there are killings all over the world in many of our homelands. what makes yours so special that it gives you the right to unlawfully shut down a highway? secondly, what do you expect our government to do? we are not world police and not going to get involved in a conflict that does not concern us. america has done that a few times and it has not worked out well for them. finally you put yourself on that highway, not a foreign government. start taking responsibility for your own actions rather than blaming others and hiding behind children like cowards and you may get some sympathy from the canadian people.

  26. You should care about their plight because there is a brutal massacre verging on genocide in Sri Lanka, and because they are human beings, ben.

    Wherever your homeland is, I’d certainly care about a massacre there, whether in Bosnia, Rwanda, Cambodia, Guatemala or so many more. (Not to mention Gaza, though that will really flame the board wars).

    Protests, like strikes, cause inconvenience. That is part of the point. If not, these people don’t get a hearing.

    Aboriginal people whose homeland is right here don’t get a hearing unless they shut down a bridge or highway.

  27. According to UN observers’ reports, there is every reason to believe that Tamil non-combatants caught in this fighting are just as likely to be killed by the Tamil Tigers as by Sri Lankan troops.

    The Tamil Tigers need Tamils to act as human shields so they can claim genocide every time the government counterattacks.

    If Tamil non-combatants try to escape, the Tigers shoot them in the back, plant landmines in their path, and fire mortars or send suicide bombers to follow them into the refugee camps.

    Apparently we’re not supposed to know that. We’re supposed to believe that this sudden call for a ceasefire is to save those innocent Tamils, not because the Tamil Tigers are now losing their 25-year-old civil war.

    Go wave your Tamil Tiger flags elsewhere, in a country where you’ll be arrested for supporting terrorists.

  28. well we got enough rights as much as all the citizen does buddy just cause ur white or whatever dont mean u guys rule us…

  29. Alexander Arvelo McQuaig> there is a difference between alerting the police that you plan to have an illegal march up onto an operational highway so that traffic can be stopped and just showing up and endangering the lives of everybody involved. It was reckless and has probably lost them sympathy.

  30. First of all Jananany, number one you can’t even use proper grammar, secondly you are being a ignorant racist person yourself, saying white people only think about themselves. First you guys want peace, now you want us to give in to your terrorist group, then you say all Canadians are racist and we don’t like Tamils. Clearly you are a hypocrite, go back and read your comments where you are abusing us Caucasians. On that note, I’m sorry but frankly we have other issues to deal with right now, the tamil protest should be taken elsewhere, maybe to UN? I dunno but these protests need to stop, your not going to get anything blocking down a highway or major street. You guys need to understand that you are losing all forms of sympathy, to the point where we all don’t give a crap about your protesting and your terrorist flags.

  31. Ohh and by the way Jananany, dont leave comments in a disrespectful manner like “yo u saying these people all should be put to jail!!” it just sounds a bit too “ghetto” for this website. =)

  32. Let me start off by saying no matter what the cause, no matter how just the cause, the protesters broke the law. In Canada (as in all democracies) there is a consequence to breaking the law, for society to function it must be enforced.

    Let me summarize the laws that were violated these last few weeks:
    – Highway Traffic Act: Multiple Violations
    – Disturbing the peace (yes thats still illegal)
    – Menacing (I think one could make the case that shouting the slogans of a terrorist organization is menacing)
    – Child Endangerment
    – Extortion (we’ll only leave if you give us what we want)

    The honest-to-god truth is Sri Lanka as a country is engaged in a brutal civil war that has been going on for 35+ years. India as the ‘super’ power in the region has attempted to negotiate peace before – but was violently rebuffed. I feel for the hardships the Tamil people face. In fact if I could donate money to a group that I knew would provide food or humanitarian assistance (instead of arms) – I would gladly do so.

    The political situation in Sri Lanka is not the direct concern of the Canadian People. We don’t trade with Sri Lanka, we don’t have treaties, and we have limited diplomatic contact. This is a matter for the United Nations. The UN is based in New York city, and can be easily contacted. I’m certain that should a UN resolution be put forward – Canada would consider it on its merits.

    The protests taking place can not logically succeed – as their is NOTHING Canada can do in isolation to resolve it. Trade Sanctions won’t work (we don’t trade) – Diplomatic Sanctions? – We don’t converse. India as the closest directly effected neighbor can put forward a proposal in the UN.

    So please, do something constructive – collect food and clothing for the folks back home, create TV commercials to spread your message – but do NOT block hospitals and major thru fares. Respect the laws of your country (Canada).

  33. Look – it’s not like they blocked Queen, or Lakeshore, or even the Gardiner at grade. They blocked it in an elevated section where any indiscipline on the part of protesters or police could have led to a confrontation which led to a cop, a protester or a protester’s minor child going over the edge. That’s why people are fired up. Stop treating it like people only give a crap about their cars. I was at home nowhere near the Gardiner and I thought it was a stupid idea. They were nowhere near Dept of Foreign Affairs or PMO and I thought THAT was a stupid idea too.

    There’s only one road in Ottawa worth blockading – the road to Ottawa airport on the day Parliament rises for recess.

  34. Many people are saying the actions of the tamil protesters were illegal and that they were breaking the law, as this may be true, ask yourselves this question, would you break a law for something you strongly believed in? For example, to save the lives of your family back in your homeland. Its not like people were murdered in the protest, only a section of the highway was blocked. This is nothing compared to the casualties and deaths back in Sri Lanka. Also some of you say, that blocking the roads is not the way to get what you want, and that if the Canadian gov responds to tamils, it will send the wrong message that to get what you want, you should engage in illegal activity. For these people, nothing whatsoever was done to resolve the issue. After a month of peaceful protests, this was the only option to get attention.

  35. RE Maria Gatti: Sorry my post wasn’t as detailed as it should have been, I was writing it on my cell phone during my lunch break. Normally I would have waited till I got home, but I could not wait to reply to Thilackshy’s comments.

    The point I was trying to make regarding homeland is what you touched down on. However, we don’t see Africans, Israelis/Palestinians, Iraqis, etc. blocking highways and demanding Canada gives in to their concerns. I understand your concerns for your people, but one of the reasons people come to Canada is to leave this kind of suffering behind them and to live in peace. Not to export their wars.

    Canada is also known to be passive aggressive regarding international conflicts, much more so than other western nations. The reason for this is because western nations know all the bad that can happen when getting involved in conflicts which do not concern them. Likewise, we know what can happen when we simply ignore suffering. This is why the United Nations was formed, and as already mentioned they are in the best position to help you – not Canada.

    I also understand the inconvenience factor. I actually didn’t mind closing University Ave. Take Bay St, take Spadina Ave, even better take the subway. If driving downtown, it is not like you are going to get anywhere fast anyways. But for those using the Gardiner, what alternatives do they have? Lake Shore and other city streets cannot move traffic as well as a highway can, and are not designed to move these kinds of volumes either. Then there is the randomness of the protest, which did not give people time to plan alternative routes. I read stories of hospitals being shot staffed because doctors could not get to their shifts.

    You didn’t create an inconvenience, you held the city hostage.

    And finally, why should Canadians support a group which defends themselves with women and children like you people did this weekend? That was dispicable and cowardly, and if you people support these kinds of tactics then why should we care? You act that we HAVE to support your cause, and we are WRONG to feel upset for your, not the Sri Lankan governments actions. This is a free country and people are allowed to feel any way this wish. If you want anything to be done, you need the public’s support. So rather than engaging in actions that piss everybody off and then telling everybody that they are wrong to feel pissed off, engage in actions that get people on your side. Apologizing for this weekend and promising not to hide behind women and children is a good place to start.

  36. Understood that the families and friends of those living in Canada are upset and angry, their loved ones are dying so it is understandable why their is such a huge outcry. Furthermore it is a given, again, that peacful protests were not felt as much as the Tamil community would have liked, resulting in the blockage of the Gardiner, due to said frustration.

    However before making a rash judgement I deiced to look into and acquire more knowledge as to what is going on. What I found is that it has been said and even recorded that many civillians are being killed with no regard by the government and even not allowing a cease fire to help the wounded civilians. furthermore those resisting the government are placed in less than humanitary prisions.

    But what I also found is is this

    “Velupillai Prabhakaran, the leader of the Tamil Tigers, who, along with the rest of his Black Tigers, wears a cyanide pill around his neck. Prabhakaran, who pioneered the tactic of suicide bombers, also adopted the tactic of hiding amongst civilians, making it extremely difficult to distinguish civilians from combatants.” (MATT KIM)

    Suicide bombers will kill civillians, they may be fighting for the people but there bombs have no prejudices when it comes to killing government officers and civillians alike. Furthermore a tactic in which one disgusies themselves as a civillian places a bullseye on anyone walking the street, this is done by the freedom fighters, using this type of human camo warfare, or to put it bluntly a meat shield, in order to have a fighting chance.

    On to the blocking of the Gardiner, I am not saying that it was a tactic employed, however I would be lying if I did not state that part of me feels that it was no accident that children were present. If it was, for shame, because using women and children to protect oneself is both cowardly, wrong and selfish. What if a civillian (for any reason) at that time decided to plow through the protest? The police would step in? the very police that were assaulted resulting in jail time for two protestors. it can be argued, but what cannot be argued is that there were to many “what if’s” for that not to be considered stupid.

    In the end, as said I do feel sympathy for those losing their loved ones. I find it hard to give favour to the protestors, given the evidence

  37. kudos to Ben ! well said Ben, and I agree with you 100% you Tamils should engage in activities that get people on your side, that actually make people sympathetic for your cause. It’s not really an issue of the inconvenience you have caused, its the fact that you guys seem to settle for nothing. First you argue that we get mad at you, and then you and your groupies are writing on all the news websites accusing us of getting mad? Can I tell you guys something….MAKE UP YOUR GOD DAMN you want help or are you just trying to tell Canada your ltte is not a terrorist organization. Maybe the first step for you guys is to sit down and in an organized manner come up with what you are trying to get across. Next, try to protest in a peaceful manner, not in a barbaric manner where you guys are throwing bikes around and trying to stab the cops with the tips of your flags. As of now people, I can safely say that most of Canada is fed up with your nuisance and your protesting. Please put this all to an end immediately, and common guys lets be realistic here, if the govt hasn’t answered your questions, isn’t it due time to just give up already?

  38. Ajanthan I’m gonna break my own rules – and respond directly to you.

    Would I break the law for something I believe in? YES, IF it would help my cause.

    You honestly don’t get it – Canada has no leverage or voice in Sri Lanka. I repeat – CANADA (this great country) has NO leverage or voice in Sri Lanka.

    Instead of helping your friends and family in Sri Lanka your blatant and repeated violation of Canadian law is rapidly turning the publics opinion against you.

    Am I racist? God no, am I bigoted? NO – I’m angry and disappointed.

    As for their being 300K Tamils in Canada – great – welcome. There are 30 million Canadians (at the last census). The voice of a 300K minority is important – but not the MOST important. Do the concerns of those 300K (no matter how urgent) out way the needs of the the other 29,600,000?

    How about the estimated 300K homeless in Canada? Would you be happy if they staged a protest outside of your home? Kept you from work? Cost you money (lost wages)? What if they had KKK flags (a terrorist racist organization – also outlawed in Canada)? Banged drums? Brought their kids? How about if they accused you being a racist or bigot if you complained?

    Their are homeless people dying every day in this country, their plight is urgent as well.

    Perspective is always a difficult knife – and it cuts both ways.

  39. Hey Ajanthan, why don’t you look at it this way to understand where I’m coming from. If there was another country who had a genocide and they blocked streets, and a major expressway, are you telling me you would not be pissed off if you had to go to work but couldn’t? Put yourselves in our shoes, you would also be just as mad as we are. SO I guess its safe to say that you and your people are hypocrites. You demand us to help you, but you also condemn us as well. Sorry hunny, you can’t have it both ways

  40. hmmm…’I’ just don’t get it? Okay, I will start off by responding to Canadian Chick, since it won’t take too long. “Next, try to protest in a peaceful manner, not in a barbaric manner where you guys are throwing bikes around and trying to stab the cops with the tips of your flags.”-Canadian Chick. Wow, have you been watching the news for the past month and a half. We have been protesting in a peaceful manner, and NOOO response from the gov. was given whatsoever. So maybe you start to think, peaceful does not get you anywhere, and that we really have to grab attention and show Canada how much this issue means to us, and affects us. And to Davide who thinks Canada has no voice in Sri Lanka, ‘lol’, every large nation like Canada, USA, UK, and Russia have influence over what goes on in this world. “Do the concerns of those 300K (no matter how urgent) out way the needs of the the other 29,600,000?”-davide. Hmmm… let me think about this davide, no one said it outweighed the needs. But you have to understand, there is a very important reason why we are protesting in the streets of Toronto, and that reason is THERE IS A GENOCIDE HAPPENING IN SRI LANKA. Do you know what a genocide is? It is the massacring of one particular race off the face of the earth. Just imagine that you were an immigrant, and in the country you came from, the government had turned on your people and family there, and started massacring them. Would you want your current gov. to intervene? Do you remember the Holocaust and how Canada and the US intervened and stopped the killing of more Jews? Does the world want another holocaust is the real question. The large and powerful nations with influence should get together and stop this genocide, the same way the Canadian Red Cross is helping out in Italy after their earthquake. So there is a genocide happening, and all you guys can complain about is being late for work??? The point of stopping the Gardiner Express was to get attention, not to cause you guys to be late for work. You have to look at the bigger picture, maybe stopping a large road and causing a little inconvenience for the city is the best way to get attention from the whole nation, and stop the killing of innocent lives back in Sri Lanka. A few minutes late to work=a few lives saved(if we get the attention of Canada).

  41. During the Holocaust – Canada to its shame turned away boat loads of Jewish Refugee’s. A policy that was reversed after the war (in fact the same policy that allowed the Tamil’s to move to Canada in the first place).

    This is not about ‘being late for work’. Its about thousands of people wasting 6+ hours on the road – during a sentimental holiday. Its about the 100’s of people that were denied health care from Hospitals. Its about the millions spent to police a small minority who decided their plight empowers them to break the law.

    All this for what? Exactly? Ok – best case Canada crafts a nasty letter and asks the Government in Sri Lanka to stop – Happy Now?

    You want action in Sri Lanka? Here is how you do it.

    1) Write to the Indian Consulate
    2) Hire a lobbyist to start a PR campaign, sway public opinion, lobby your Federal Representative (here is a hint – they are in Ottawa)
    3) Ask for a hearing at the UN
    4) Formally ask for help from the Red Cross, guarantee their safety (no more shooting of aid workers – like the last 15 times).

    Your protest is not only misaimed – its misguided. I went to school with alot of Tamil’s – I know them to be well educated and well versed in the Western World. Where is their voice in this bedlam of stupidity?

    Your angry, your scared for your family – I get it. Instead of helping your families back home – your souring your relationship with your new country and city.

    Stop think, calm the hell down – and make a difference the right way.

  42. One of the problems I have with this whole mess – is most of the information being posted on this boards and others comes from a website called ‘tamilnet’. Tamilnet is the mouthpiece of the LTTE, and as a result has a tendency to report rumors as truth – and gloss over some inconsiderate truths.

    The closest thing to impartial coverage can be found at time magazine here:,8599,1893981,00.html?iid=sphere-inline-bottom

    Summary of Some Key Facts:
    – International aid is already on the ground from the US, India, Japan, France, and the International Red Cross.
    – The causality numbers are high, but mostly from a rapidly decreasing rebel held territory.
    – The LTTE (the guys whose flags are being waved at the protest), are actively shouting civilians seeking to cross the lines.
    – The LTTE have also exploded two suicide bombs during one such massive crossing of civilians. The estimate from time magazine is 200 dead.
    – The Sri Lankan government is not willing to stop the campaign, they have trapped the Rebels in 5km/squared of land. They have stopped using large caliber fire, and they are not using mortars or shells.The news from the contrary is from the remaining LTTE rebels and was designed to incite protests internationally.

    As for the rest – read the related articles on time’s site. The government is just as wrong in this as the LTTE, but I believe (based on the coverage and responses from the international community) that this really is the end of the LTTE – and perhaps the start of these people having a future.

  43. To all the tamils who have tried to defend their senseless protests, a few comments.

    First, when you refer to your blocking of major roads and highways as nothing more than an “inconvenience” to citizens that may have “been late mother’s day dinner”, let me educate you. Roads are there for a reason, to move people around. Not all trips on the road are for trivial celebrations. For example, my step-daughter has juvenile diabetes and was required to go to the hospital on University last night. Guess what? Both her and family members couldn’t even park at the hospital due to your protest and had to walk a couple of blocks. Ever tried walking to a hospital when you’re seriously ill (potentially life-threatening?) You say we should care about the people dying in Sri Lanka. I would suggest to all of you that YOU should care about and stop endangering the lives of your FELLOW CITIZENS who have NOTHING to do with the situation in Sri Lanka. Make your point, but not by blocking access to emergency services like hospitals and major roadways.

    Second, I have read several comments from people that say “how would you feel if people were being killed in your country?.” I’m confused… which country are you referring to? You see, most people think that THIS country is “their country”. Unfortunately, many new Canadians do not. So it’s not about racism or people targeting Tamils — it’s that you, by your own admission, do not view this country as your own. It’s just a place to rest your hat (and your free health care card) while you demand that “my country” fixes “your country’s” problems so you can return to an environment that is clearly more appealing to you. Too bad the rest of us Canadians don’t have the same option when/if you ruin this country by bringing your dirty laundry here.

    If you want to get the support of the (much too often) sympathetic Canadians, try acting like a Canadian and the support will be there. Sadly, your recent efforts have only served to create more dissension and intolerance. Congratulations.

  44. So many thoughts. As a Canadian i am proud of the laws allow us to bring to front of mind concerns that result in loss of life for all , anywhere, in any country. We have our Canadian forces who give their lives to help keep peace.
    These prtoests are disturbing, threatentin to the people of the city, how dare laws be broken and responsibility not be taken. I am deeply concerned about the amount of our police forces off the city and surrounding aeas not available for other saftey issues. ( this we tax payers are paying for,) I have protesed from beliefts but kept it organizaed and legal. HOw is it over 10s of thousand tamils have all this time to protes. With the economy is it that they do not work and live off the canadian system. How many of the 10s of thousand of tamils are memebers of our cnadian forces. What exactly have the tamils herd done except creat casos and break lwas, disrespect our laws that Canandians hae worked so hard to implemented.Yet is see nothing the Tamils are doing except protest, yet they want us to send our men and women i line of fir for the. There are enough Tamils to becomed thei rown ary, why not get together and go to your country and help your people. You want this country to give you everything yet what have you given back to help your county?? Im becoming frustrated and losing my symphties with what is happening on our downdown streets. Finally to the Police, WHY is this be allowed?

  45. Rick’s response of “these pieces of garbage should be all in jail” are indicative of typical white racist thought and should be dismissed as such. As long as the white man gets his way, he’s happy.