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Montreal Monday: Letter to a bike thief, Turcot politics and the Boucherville Islands

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Each Monday, we bring you some of the popular posts from our sister blog, Spacing Montreal. We’ll keep an eye open for topics and discussions that are pertinent to current public space issues in Toronto.

• With Montreal’s municipal election in sight, Jacob Larsen reports on the growing discontent among politicians with the Turcot Highway project.  Larsen investigates the nuanced positions of the incumbent mayor and two of his challengers on subjects ranging from the recent increase in car parking to the city’s Transportation Plan.
• Read Emile Thomas’ open letter to his bike thief as he recounts the heartbreaking loss of his bike’s back wheel and wonders what would motivate such a crime?
• Join Alanah Heffez as she goes Island hopping Montreal-style.  From wetland bird sanctuaries to a fairly realistic replica of an Iroquois Longhouse, there’s plenty to discover in the little-known bicycle haven of the Boucherville Islands.

Photo from MTQ