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Don Cherry responds to our Pinko buttons

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Back when the Pinko button-craze was full blown, we sent a handful of buttons and magnets to Don Cherry and his sidekick Ron MacLean. We hoped he’d wear a button on his weekly Coach’s Corner, but he shied away from even mentioning the incident.

Yesterday, Spacing received a postcard from Cherry. On the front of the card he wrote “thanks for helping the Home”, a reference to the Darling Home for Kids where some of the proceeds from the button sales will end up. On the back he also wrote, “There [sic] still ‘Left Wing Pinkos’ to me”.

The editors had a good laugh about it and placed it on the window sill with our outdated holiday postcards.



  1. Just goes to show that Don Cherry doesn’t take himself too seriously and neither should we! Great response!

  2. How the heck does one decipher that? Did he mean “There are still ‘Left Wing Pinkos’ to me”? In which case he seems clueless about folk’s self-identification. Or did he mean “Their still ‘Left Wing Pinkos'”? If so, who are the “they” to whom he might be referring?

    An amusing curio, for sure.

  3. If my favorite thing WAS that he’s transparently gay (DC) then now my favorite thing is that he can’t put together a sentence. It’s THEY’RE Don, not there, unless you really meant: “There, (as in; over there) still ‘left wing pinkos’ to me.” It’s actually quite poetic. 

  4. It’s easy to critique a type-o, but no one has commented on the elegance of his hand writing!

  5. hahaha.  You guys are brilliant.  This was so elegantly done.  You make me even happier to be a Torontonian. Bravo, brava! 

  6. repeating my faceBook comment; it is priceless to realize that Cherry obviously can’t spell “they’re” [not there or there]
    what he was unintelligibly trying to say is:
    “they’re still left wing pinkos to me.”

    [ if only he had signed it Dawn Cherri! ]