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Regent Park trees no match for feller buncher

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A huge machine tears out a tree from Spacing Magazine on Vimeo.

There’s a big new machine in town, and it’s a mean one.

As Catherine Porter of the Star reported a couple weeks ago, trees are being cleared at Regent Park to make way for the next phase of re-development. Above is a short video of the feller buncher operator cutting up a green ash tree in a recently cleared lot on Dundas, taken Saturday May, 28th.

The heavy labour of felling the trees and cutting them in pieces is being completed by two feller bunchers, menacing tracked machines with 3-foot wide spinning saws attached to giant claws.

The equipment, designed to harvest trees during industrial forestry operations, look strikingly out of place in the city. The machines are making short work of a job that would usually be done by crews of arborists with chainsaws.