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Spacing Saturday: Capital Bixi, Turkish Transit and the Cycling Etiquite Debate

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Spacing Saturday highlights posts from across Spacing’s blog network in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and the Atlantic region.

Spacing Launched its first National Issue this week in Toronto, Todd Harrison gives those who couldn’t be there a look at the party and introduces the Spacing Roadshow which will take the magazine across the country this summer.

Alanah Heffez reports on the very early brainstorming processes for for how Montreal will celebrate its 375th anniversary in 6 years time. For now, organizers are soliciting input for any kind of ideas.

Guilllame St-Jean uses the Montage du Jour series to show a striking effect of road widening between 1979 and today.

Clive Doucet followed up on his previous insights on public transit in Turkey by examining the essential role that transit plays in other parts of the world and the lessons that Canada could learn in terms of thinking about moving people as opposed to advancing marquee projects and truly making the most out of capital investment.

As part of the Clickshift series, Kathryn Hunt reflects on her own surprise about how quickly Bixi has been taken up by the City.

Matt Neville reports on the formation of the ‘Our HRM Alliance’ as a follow up to early proposals to establish a greenbelt and tackle sprawl in Greater Halifax.

Spacing played host to an interesting debate this week past week that drew the attention of CBC Radio’s Metro Morning. While Emma Woolley argued that cyclists need to embark on a fundamental shift in their respect for the rules of the road, Lisan Jutras retorted that perhaps if no one follows a law, the law itself may be the problem.

This week also saw the launch of an exciting new series that will appear every Wednesday on the Toronto Blog. David Miller: Transit Mayor is a series of candid interviews with the former Mayor that look into his life and leadership.

Dylan Reid analyzed to two fascinating new interactive maps of pedestrian safety and volumes across the entire city this week that provide an unprecedented look at where pedestrianism reigns and where pedestrians are in the most danger.

Photograph by: necopunch