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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered

Spacing Saturday: Reallocating Laneways, Budapest Ubranism and Paddle the Don

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Spacing Saturday highlights posts from across Spacing’s blog network in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and the Atlantic region.

Vanessa Kay brings readers the second part of her In Depth look at the challenges of accommodating families in an urban Canadian setting. Pointing to the need for diversity of habitat, Kay points to innovative and leading projects in both Vancouver and around the world.

Eric Villagomez showcases Paths to Plazas: Laneway Markets in Mount Pleasent, a series of events re-imagining laneway space as part of an effort to reallocate roadways for public space.

Devin Alfaro continues the Photo du Jour series with captivating photography of the beautiful city of Montreal.

Eric Darwin looks at the resources poured into landscaping along arterials in the post-war suburbs and points to efforts to replicate that commitment to landscaping on a pedestrian scale in urban areas as part of a better sidewalk experience.

In another reflection on his travels in Europe, Clive Doucet reflects on the city of Budapest, its public amenities, the resiliency of its beautiful city building and its relatively young history.

Spacing Atlantic continues the Atlantic Snapshots series with great photography of Atlantic Canada

Sean Marshall traversed Mississauga this week to bring readers two installments in the Lost Villages feature exploring the history and legacy of the old settlements of Cooksville and Erindale. The series looks at the historic towns that have been swallowed up by Toronto’s expanding suburbs.

Jessica Lemieux recounts take readers on a new perspective of the city by recounting her canoe trip down the Don River as part of this year’s Paddle the Don event.

Photograph by: Qole Pejorian