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What is your favourite water fountain in Toronto?

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One of the ways to counter the negative attitude that is engulfing Toronto — thanks to such things as small-minded and commie-free Facebook groups — is to remind ourselves of the good things we have in this city. That’s why I’ve started this little series asking our readers about their favourite bits and pieces of Toronto. Last week I asked about your favourite Toronto bridges. Today, I’d like to know this: what is your favourite water fountain or water feature in Toronto?

photo by Miles Storey



  1. There’s a fantastic new water feature in the just-redone Taddle Creek Park (Lowther and Bedford)

  2. It may be small and not very fancy, but I love the Berczy Park fountain. It’s a great community gathering space, and a couple times a summer people fill it up with bubbles (which must be a pain for parks staff, but still brightens up my day).


  4. Though I have a hard time being in the Eaton Centre for more than 5 minutes, I do get a kick out of that big fountain in the middle of the mall. Always lots of smiling kids marvelling at it – makes you forget the recycled air for a second. 

  5. There is big one at an apartment building on the east side of Bathurst just north of Eglington. I passed by it yesterday and was looking for a “like” button. Perfect place to “like” it, here. Nice series 🙂

  6. Sherbourne Commons is going to be amazing. A water feature that also manages stormwater…

  7. I love the one outside of Uno Prii’s 44 Walmer, at Walmer and Lowther.

  8. Though it is small, I really like the one at the eastern end of The Esplanade (where it meets Hahn Place and Berkeley Street. You can see it from at least Lower Jarvis Street and this year it is lit again at night. It’s a true neighbourhood beacon and perfectly placed fior good long-range views. The kids also like running through it!

  9. The tipping trough on the plaza in front of the Summerhill LCBO. Always restful to watch.

  10. Sherbourne Common is fantastic! Its hard to ignore the area’s unfinished roughness right now, but its still charming. I highly recommend paying a visit on a warm night before it gets too cold.

  11. The fountain in the square outside of the Summerhill LCBO (which by the way should be named in memory of Paul Oberman)

  12. I wish I could say the ones on University at Queen. Anybody know if they’ll ever be fixed? High profile disrepair.

    Maybe not my favourite, but there’s a great little fountain where The Esplanade ends at Berkeley that I’m pretty fond of.

  13. the salmon run fountain adjacent to the dome on bremner.  always broken and not flowing this year.

  14. I don’t think anyone’s mentioned the one pictured yet, but it’s my fave: the water jets shooting up from the pavement at Dundas Square.

  15. The Rosehill Reservoir, the fountain with moving parts outside of the Summerhill LCBO, and the McMurtry fountains west of City Hall. All perfect fountaineering locations!