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NO MEAN CITY: Atelier Kastelic Buffey, Clearview Chalet

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Cross-posted from No Mean City, Alex’s personal blog on architecture

The architects Atelier Kastelic Buffey are definitely worth watching. I wrote last week for The Globe and Mail about a chalet they designed, at a ski resort near Collingwood, that is minimal and extremely well-detailed – all on a reasonable budget.

More pictures after the jump.

It fits into a certain school of Canadian design that includes KPMB and others who show their influence – Dubbeldam Design and Superkul, to name two. But AKB’s Kelly Buffey also mentioned to me that they are influenced by Peter Zumthor, and it shows here in the subtle, endlessly creative use of the most rustic materials. (Plus there’s lots of IKEA in there.) I’ll look forward to seeing them progress to public buildings. Meanwhile, enjoy the pics.


One comment

  1. It’s not very impressive in terms of design. The windows aren’t placed in an engaging or memorable way, the cladding is rustic but still tells you right away it was chosen just to be as cheap as possible, and the rectangular form with a pitched roof is standard fare. There’s nothing dynamic about the colours. The interior is also forgettable.