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Instaflaneur: a new regular photo feature on Spacing from Shawn Micallef’s city wanders

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Since I got a new iPhone last fall — with its rather good eight megapixel camera — the best and most useful app I installed on it has been Instagram. It does nice things with pictures, and shares them in a variety of ways. I pump them out to my Twitter feed and store them on my Tumblr, and now I’ll regularly post selections here on Spacing.

This first is a rather interesting little row of houses on the steep, Toronto-San Francisco streets near Dundas and the Humber River in Lambton (on Old Dundas Street). The Marina District in SF has many carports under row houses (which collapsed in the 1989 quake). Though, the pastel colours here have me thinking Malibu and the Eagles on repeat too.



  1. This reminds me of a housing design depicted in the High Cost of Free Parking where zoning requirements for parking spaces led to this logic of this  architectural feature.

  2. Yeah. Though by the looks of the lot (from the air) I suspect it was compact site mixed with some architectural flourish (and possible Quaaludes).