NO MEAN CITY Oakville Transit’s sleek Pit Stop

Bortolotto Pit Stop Oakville Transit

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A changeroom and lunchroom for bus drivers. That is the very prosaic program of this very beautiful building in Oakville, which I recently wrote about for Azure. (PDF is here.)

The architects, Bortolotto, have truly made something out of nothing: the site (Google Map) is as uninspiring as you can imagine, the budget was not huge, and in most contexts a structure like this would be a shed. (A decorated shed, if you’re lucky.) This project, which they’ve dubbed Pit Stop, is special.

For a full photo gallery, visit No Mean City.

Bortolotto Pit Stop Oakville Transit


  1. As Hunertwasser, Calatrava, and other architects have shown, utilitarian doesn’t have to be ugly! See the former’s District Heating Plant in Vienna ( or any number of stations by the latter. Curious to know budget of this pit stop as compared to the budget for a similar building done in a more conventional manner.

  2. From what I understand, the budget was no more than a typical building of this sort. The difference is the imagination of the designers.

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