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Of course we’ve made buttons for the Ford verdict

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From his swearing in and throughout his term, Spacing has commemorated the foibles of Rob Ford in our own special way: buttons!

Now, to complete your set of Ford buttons, we’re introducing three more designs based on today’s verdict that kicks him out of the mayor’s office.

These 1.5″ buttons are available individually, or as a 3-button set on our online store immediately. We will have them at a number of our retailers over the next two days. You can also pick them up, as well as get some great deals on our other products (including our new Metro Magnets!) at our Holiday party/new issue launch on December 13th at 3030 (3030 Dundas St W, @ High Park Ave).



  1. Wow Spacing, classy, very classy.

  2. Love them! 

    Despite the above objection, I think its great when a mag can be funny (especially since your editorial is almost always serious. I think the amount of Likes and Tweets far outweight any blowback from readers. And the revenue! 

  3. Yes, because we all know that the amount of “likes and tweets” are a serious gauge of public opinion.

  4. Vince — You’re a fantastic photographer. 

    But drop the righteousness and have a laugh. Maybe if Spacing did buttons of big trees you’d lighten up?

  5. It’s tough being in the shadows of my older cousin Vincenzo Pietropaolo, the photographer. Darn Google! 🙂 I often get mistaken for him.
    I’ll drop the righteousness when other Spacing commentators drop theirs.
    BTW, what’s wrong with buttons of big trees? Sounds like a great idea! Matt are you listening? 🙂