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IN THIS ISSUE: A look back at Sam Javanrouh’s photoblog


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The Summer 2013 issue of Spacing is jammed packed with a slew of great articles, photos, and interviews focused on Toronto urbanism. This article appears in the issue in our Features section. For more unique articles focused on the public realm of Toronto and Canadian cities pick up a copy today. Find your copy in these stores.

Excerpt from “Decade’s Dose of Imagery” by Sean Waisglass

Many photo lovers in Toronto — and even more worldwide — have been gazing at our city through Sam Javanrouh’s eyes for a full decade, day in and day out. And after ten years of posting a single photo each day on Daily Dose of Imagery, his world-renowned photoblog, his eyes need some rest.

“I’m basically saying that Daily Dose of Imagery is done…but I’m not dead,” he assures. “I’ll be posting, but on a different sort of idea. I’m just changing things up.”

Javanrouh — Spacing’s most-published photographer with four cover images and 45 interior photos — chose the courtyard of Hart House, on the University of Toronto’s handsome downtown campus grounds, as the spot to sit and chat about why he was readying to put his photoblog to rest this summer.

“Why now?” asks Javanrouh, 39, as he set his camera on the table. “Well, I have two kids, I have a full time job, and I’m getting older. So spending that much time every day just to feed a blog just doesn’t work anymore.” Javanrouh’s been feeding that blog — and the 1.3-million yearly visitors to hungry for images culled from his life in his adoptive city — nearly every day since it launched in July of 2003, four years after he emigrated here from Tehran, Iran.

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