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SPACING FILMS: Chester Hill Lookout

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Chester Hill Lookout is one of Toronto’s best hidden gems. Located just north of Danforth and west of Broadview, the lookout presents a majestic view of the downtown skyline and the expanse of the Don Valley.

In this edition of Spacing Films, Nicola Nemy documents the delicate beauty of the Chester Hill Lookout.

Film & Editing by Nicola Nemy
Text by Katia Snukal
Music by Volcano Choir



  1. Stop showing people my favourite neighbourhood hideouts! 😉

  2. I wish that a walkway over the DVP from this point to the old RR tracks and trestle was built. It would give great walking access to The Brickworks! It would also have the urban draw much like The Highline in NYC does.

  3. That’s a neat idea – that trestle can be walked, but it’s a bit vertigo-inducing. Evergreen should get on it with an extra $15 million or so……………