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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered



  1. Beautiful! I saw some of these along Queen. Great job guys!

  2. If these signs are required to be registered with the City then call 311 with details and keep a record (get confirmation number). If not removed by time 311 says they will be, call again. And again. Get rid of visual pollution. Get the Councillor involved and look to limiting the number per some distance (one per 20 meters?) and not within a say 10 meters of an intersection.

  3. The “repurposed” sandwich-boards are still “cluttering the city’s sidewalks,” are they not?

    I guess it’s OK if “I” do it, not wrong if “you” do it!

  4. Please correct typo ….I guess it’s OK if “I” do it, BUT wrong if “you” do it!

  5. Neat idea. The sandwich boards still obstruct but at least they are pleasant to look at. As for ads in our public space, fold them up and lean them against a wall or pole so they are out of the way. You have every right to do this, as they are private property on public space.

  6. Saw a bunch of these modified boards around Spadina – love it!

    George – these guys weren’t making they’re own boards, just changing existing boards. Not adding more boards, but changing some to make people rethink.

  7. Do you work for a marketing company or something George? Would it be better if they just stole the boards on not put the signs back? And not tried to address a wider public in the conversation?

  8. These are awesome. We need more spaces for public expression in our common spaces, not just corporate propaganda – err sorry, advertising. Is it out of line that I think it’s gotten to the point where vandalism is morally permissible? I bet there is a way to get a copy of the generic key Astral uses to unlock their billboard holders.

    I’m not as creative, so one of these days I’m just going to rent a pickup and drive through downtown loading up sandwich boards to take to the dump. Maybe I’ll pay a few extra bucks for insurance and ram some of those awful Astral sidewalk billboards while I’m at it.