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NEW IN STORE: Schadenford button & magnet sets


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Toronto has survived another year of Rob Ford (barely!) and to commemorate our remarkable tenacity to not just pack up and flee the city, Spacing has designed another of our annual Rob Ford button/magnet sets.

This was undoubtedly the toughest year for Ford’s administration, and it’s given rise to a whole new crop of Fordisms, memes, and public spectacles. We’ve tried to be careful to not make light of the more serious problems in Ford’s private/professional life, but still show the ridiculousness of this whole situation in one of the ways Spacing does best: buttons and magnets!

The Schadenford set comes with six 1.5-inch buttons or magnets, or you can purchase your favourites individually.

The button set is available for $12 (set of six, or buy individually for $3).

The magnet set is available for $18 (set of six, or buy individually for $4).

• A list of retail stores carrying these items will be shared with you soon.


Probably the most notable quote (but not the most notorious) was during Ford’s crack admittance/forgiveness press conference. When he said “I have nothing left to hide”, the mayor set himself up for more failure.


This is one of our favourite quotes from the Fords. It was uttered on their radio show in 2012. The idea is beyond comprehension that anyone on Toronto city council has more extreme views than a brutal dictator who sent millions to gulags and into labour camps. But the term “Two Steps Left of Stalin” did made us think of a dance step.


The mayor and his brother have made many ridiculous claims but some of their most recent assertions are pure classics.
• Doug claimed on CNN that Rob is a great social liberal, so much so that the headlines in Toronto after the mayor’s election in 2010 referred to him as the “White Obama.” We guess that Rob Ford is Toronto’s first black mayor, much like Bill Clinton was called America’s first black president?
• Doug has also claimed that the public flogging of Rob is much like the passion of Jesus Christ.
• Another example of Rob’s persecution, in the eye’s of brother Doug, is the media hounding him just like they did with Princess Diana.
• And lastly, Rob compared city council stripping him of many powers as something similar to the invasion of Kuwait. He is Kuwait. City council is Saddam Hussein. We guess a line has been drawn in the sand?


Doug Ford sees himself as the co-mayor of Toronto. He seems to have been sent to city hall to keep an eye over the irrepressible younger brother Rob. So, how is that going?


On the cover of our summer 2012 edition — the cover section was all about disasters that could hit Toronto, including Ford’s potential for re-election — we featured a Fordzilla monster trashing through the streets of Toronto (thank you Steve Murray for that gem of an illustration). We could’ve used this illustration for each and every cover since.


In the summer 2013 issue we featured an illustration by Chantel Declerk that we commissioned. It ran alongside a column by Spacing’s publisher Matthew Blackett about the difficultly of covering the ever-changing story-lines of the Ford saga in Spacing when we have a three week lag between going to the printer and the magazine hitting newsstands.



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