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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered


  1. Is Ford doing this (Bill 5) to settle old scores?… or to “haze” Toronto councillors to reduce organized opposition at the municipal level?… or squeeze out progressive politicians?… or strengthen the hand of political parties (read Ontario PC’s) in municipal politics?… I can think of a few others. Why settle on one reason or the other? Why not ALL of the above? You don’t have to be smart to appreciate the multiple benefits to abusing due process (and “smart” is not a description that is often found in any sentence that contains the name Ford). You just have to have to be unscrupulous, and that fits Doug Ford like a cheap suit.

  2. If you want an idea of how John Tory would handle opposition from Queen’s Park you need look no further than this account of how Nick Kouvalis eliminated him from contention in the lead up to the 2010 mayoralty race in which Rob Ford became mayor.

    Tory was so afraid of confrontation he wouldn’t even throw his hat in the ring for mayor. Keesmaat has less political history to look at but certainly seems ready for a fight and you can’t deny that she knows her stuff. Ford is the kind of guy people either love or hate. The 1/3 of the electorate that refer to themselves as FordNation obviously loves the guy. Does that mean the other 2/3 hate him? We need someone that can pull that dislike together to make a forceful opposition. You know the battles with Ford will be coming.