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  1. This exercise by the province has nothing to do with better planning, and everything to do with partisan, political ideology. One wonders what exactly is the province’s objective — to undermine or reduce Toronto’s influence? To suppress the political left based in the city? To strengthen the bottom line of political supporters and related businesses? All of the above? Whether it is land use plans or transit plans (or even autism funding for that matter), there is no consultation with the people who are actually impacted by the plans, nor with the municipal staff who have the required expertise and knowledge. Instead, this is orchestrated from Queen’s Park by politicians, bureaucrats and hired guns who have no particular expertise in any of these subjects, particularly in a Toronto-specific context, and no interest in acquiring it. Provincial bureaucrats are not knowledgeable about the local issues that can make or break a successful plan. Hired outside “experts” lack the specific local knowledge as well and are not committed to the long haul, they will move on to the next opportunity to fill their pockets as soon as it arises. Developers and builders are not planners or transit experts (nor should they be), but they are now the only ones outside of the provincial government with any meaningful input into how the city will grow. This government “for the people” is only for THEIR people, not the rest of us, and unless the general public actively resists this, Toronto stands to lose a lot more than it did under Mike Harris’ legacy.

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