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Spacing School of Urbanism workshop: DIGITAL CITIES


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WHEN: October 25, 2019
197 Spadina Avenue, Lake Ontario Room, 5th floor
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Depending on who you listen to, smart / digital cities are either the solution to a range of urban and social problems or the skinny end of the wedge leading to urban privatization and surveillance. This workshop will introduce key and emerging concepts in the discourse around smart / digital cities, including the spectrum of opinions about them and the issues informing those opinions. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about: digital governance, data collection and use, privacy and algorithmic bias, the emerging urban / digital eco-system, and others.

  • Charles Finley (Code for Canada)
  • Jutta Treviranus (OCAD U, Inclusive Design Research Centre)
  • George Takach (McCarthy Tetrault)
  • Mathew Tenney (University of Toronto, Department of Human Geography)
  • Sharly Chan (Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto)


  • Anthea Foyer, City of Mississauga, Project Lead, Smart Cities
  • Jesse Coleman, City of Toronto, Manager, Transportation Data & Analytics

Participants in the Spacing School of Urbanism Digital Cities workshop will:

  • Learn about the topics that consistently come up in discussions around smart city projects and the range of perspectives on those topics
  • Hear a brief history of where digital cities came from, how the concept and discourse around them has evolved, and why people are paying attention to them.
  • Have the opportunity to discuss topics like privacy, economic opportunity and risk, equity, intellectual property, and others
  • Learn about specific, practical applications of digital / smart technologies
  • Discuss how and where they might be able to apply what they’re hearing to their day-to-day work.


The Spacing School of Urbanism provides unique continuing education and professional development to Greater Toronto-area architects, planners, urban designers, developers, real estate agents, and city-builders seeking to broaden their knowledge of emerging trends in urbanism. Interactive workshops have been co-developed by Spacing and Swerhun Facilitation with advice from academics, practitioners, and other local thought leaders. Our workshops are led by city-builders that will engage participants in a thought-provoking, full-day training session. All sessions take place at 197 Spadina Avenue, Lake Ontario Room, 5th floor.