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  1. Typically, John Tory talks a lot but says little. He should keep his promise he made to his wife that he would run only twice and not seek a third term. Otherwise, he will be another politician who stayed one election too long. Be like Wayne Gretsky. Quit when you are at the top!

  2. Toronto hasnt been a place of big ideas since the 1970’s. Rather than going on about Tory, who all things considered isnt as bad as Mel or Ford, I think term limits would be a better starting point. And the fact that a lot of people like what he is selling. I have a hrad time thinking of more than 3 people who I think would make a good mayor.

  3. We have not had a good mayor since David Crombie nor a good premier since Bill Davis.

    There was talk some time ago about term limits. Maximum two terms (all councilors) then you must step aside for one term to let someone else have a go at it. Afterwards you could run again. Seemed like a good choice. Soon faded away. Not even a “pilot’ was tried. Toronto loves pilots! Just ask Jennifer Keesmaat!

  4. Come on, Boomers, life has been ok since Crombie. Babs Hall was a good mayor and so was David Miller. Much of the transit expansion in the city is due to his vision and time as mayor. Like all mayors he made some mistakes, but his good policies far outweigh his bad. Wynne was a great premier & McGuinty did lots of good, too.