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  1. Rename “Dundas West Station” on Line 2 AND “Bloor Station” on the Kitchener GO Train & UPX line to “Roncesvalles Station”.

  2. Oh please, not Sankofa. It has no connection to the city.

    Simple solution is Yonge Square. Drop Dundas. Everyone will still know where it is.

  3. First of all, I don’t object to the renaming of the square or even the choice of name, but it will likely take myself and others to get used to it. No big deal.

    What I really object to is the adjacent renaming of Centennial Arena. Not becasue Rob Ford, let’s leave that part out of it for a moment. My objection is that we seemingly have learned nothing about the problems of naming infrastructure and institutions after people. Centennial is a perfectly good name and reflects upon the reason it was built. What kind of cost are we going to incur to erase Rob Ford’s name down the road when people take greater issue with it?

    Does council have no responsibility to consult when they do these broad strokes decorative things? You’d think this would be an example of them needing intelligent feedback since they don’t have that capability on their own.

  4. I fully agree. The public wasn’t given any opportunity to weigh in on this. This public space definitely needs community engagement.

  5. the funds required to rename all the infostructure, is a waste of resources. the allocated funds would be better spent on Housing.

    continual overbidding issues plagued by our greedy housing developers, who are not interested in developing social housing, as its not profitable. This mindset needs to be address on the corporate levels, as greedy developers demolish affordable housing. only to build huge skyscrapers, instead of developing affordable units. affordable units should be replaced with units remove for redevelopment. I’ve watched for 30 years as the affordability in Toronto has skyrocketed. leaving all but the super rich with housing.

    hundreds of condo units are empty because the agencies that own the rights to these

    condos refuse to release these units for RGI housing. creating a bottleneck as our governors struggles to persuade builders to do the right thing…. seems like greed trumps all. Toronto is no longer affordable to the general masses. Since the ceiling caps were taken off of rents, food. greed has run amok, as the price have tripled, quadrupled, in the last 40 years. at this pace the rents in a couple years, are going to be 5,000 month for just a closet, as the rich build bigger and bigger houses, as condos and apts. are shrinking in size. unable to comfortly reside in the shoe boxes that are the norm today what a shame our society has become, lacking any real direction… as red tape has brought our system to a stop. this so called Toronto the good, is no longer true for anything related to structure, it TTC or Housing.