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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered

  • Lakeside

    Our very smart friends over the Toronto Environmental Alliance are getting into the cultural game with the opening on their art show Lakeside. The event...

  • European talking about walking fest

    The Swiss are hosting the 6th International Conference on Walking in the 21st Century, on the theme of “Everyday Walking Culture.” “The...

  • Toronto Trolls

    The Toronto Troll project is currently running at Mercer Union. They’re going to do art stuff in the city at night to remind us that the city still...

  • In no way removed

    While parks are recreational spaces where an individual or group can take a break from the urban environment, the parkette’s natural environmental...

  • The Halftone Conspiracy

    The Halftone Conspiracy is a collaborative poster project. Monthly, the co-conspirators gather, with posters they’ve created in hand, to transform a...