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re:THINK HOUSING Ideas Competition * LAST DAY TO VOTE *

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There 68 entries for the re:THINK HOUSING Ideas Competition. Look them over and pick Your Favourites today.       [Image: Brendan Hurley]
**Note** Re:ThinkHOUSING Online Voting Ends TODAY July 19th

re:THINK HOUSING – part of the Mayor’s Taskforce on Housing Affordability – is a public design and ideas competition for strategies to facilitate housing affordability has been underway. The entrants were reveal almost a month ago and the ability to Vote on them is almost over.

There are some 68 Entries for the re:THINK HOUSING Ideas Competition. You Can directly Vote, Rate and Comment on the entries at online.
The competition is divided into four categories made up of two streams defined by two focuses.

The two conceptual streams are:
BUILDING BOLD which is geared towards bold, innovative ideas for creating large amounts of affordable housing in Vancouver. It intent is to focus on new technologies, financing models and materials as well as new mixes of uses and locations.

VIBRANT NEIGHBOURHOODS  that aims to generate ideas and concepts that create flexible affordable housing options at a neighbourhood level that are on a smaller scale, with ideas that create more choice, connection and belonging within our communities.

While the two focuses look at:
PUBLIC LAND for opportunities to explore solutions on public or a mix of public/private land.
PRIVATE LAND for opportunities to explore site-specific solution on private land to be enacted as part of neighbourhood and individual development.

Some of the entries will cause frustration, some confusion, still others delight, yet most of all the intent of a competition such as this is to cause discussion and debate.  Give your two cents and rate these ideas, the comments you provide might actually impact how these ideas can be interpreted or put forward.