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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered

Vancouver’s Urbanism Headlines: Wednesday

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• Is the Canada Line at maximum capacity? No. Will it be in a decade? Depends on … [State of Vancouver]
• Ray Spaxman: “Is anyone else concerned?” [Price Tags]
• On the Surface: The End of the Downtown Parking Lot [Price Tags]
• Report tackles gender-policing at Vancouver parks and recreation facilities [Georgia Straight]
• Brent Granby seeks Vision Vancouver nomination for park board [Georgia Straight]
• Vancouver Is Right to End Chainsaw Massacres [The Tyee]
• Straw poll shows divided support for $480 million Metro Van garbage incinerator [Vancouver Observer]
• Six-lane Pattullo Bridge should go between Coquitlam and Surrey, New Westminster mayor says [Vancouver Sun]
• Mayor Dianne Watts says departing councillor is ‘misleading’ Surrey residents [Vancouver Sun]

• Farm group withdraws support for Agricultural Land Reserve bill [Victoria Times Colonist]
• Illegal Play [Sightline Daily]
• Metro Transit cuts ahead as vote goes heavily against tax measure [Crosscut]
• Bell Street Park: A noble bust [Crosscut]
• As a low-car generation rises, youth organizers step up transportation activism [Bike Portland]
• Short-term rental proposal gets Portland planning commission’s approval, heads to City Council [The Oregonian]
• Dear Seattle, Careful You Don’t End Up Like Us. Love, Amsterdam [The Atlantic Cities]

• Finding Authenticity [Planetizen]
• Billboards, Big Money, and (Political) Blight [Planetizen]
• The New Question for 21st Century Cities [Copenhagenize]
• Consultant to Scrutinize Detroit Plan [New York Times]
• Japanese zoning [Urban Kchose]