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  1. But do the U.S. action groups actually end up achieving something? SF has not yet turned into an affordable housing mecca.

    “Hopefully” aside, governments listen to those with money and those who vote. Those with money have ensured that none of the current reasonable voting options will change the status quo. Young people do not have money. However, they have labour, which those with money want (those beautiful parks do not landscape themselves). Withholding the labour, particularly by moving somewhere where the balance between money (wealth) and labour is more in favour of the latter, is a perfectly reasonable response.

  2. Maybe stop avoiding the census then. The Mayor already answered the call for cheaper housing and he wants a proper count of those living in Vancouver and the action the city should be taking.

    This isn’t a solution that can be solved by just protesting, help local municipal governments get the right data so they can persuade the federal government to intervene. Do things properly and don’t hinder the current process and maybe this problem can be solved without blowing up

  3. who has time to attend or organize rallies when you have to work multiple jobs to afford sharing a small apartment with multiple people and/or spend hours traveling to and from work if you live in a “cheaper” area?

  4. We need a complete overhaul of zoning rules in Metro Vancouver. Full stop. It’s absolutely asinine that so much of the city is zoned single family with low height restrictions. We need to get rid of single family zoning EVERYWHERE in the region, abolish setbacks, raise height limits, throw out minimum parking requirements, have a singular goal of making as much of the region a walk score of 90+, then get the hell out of the way and let people build like fuck.