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Video Vancouver: SMALL PLACES (Beach Avenue Interviews)

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Video Vancouver

Via Nomad Videographer Project

The 5th and final video shot in Vancouver! For this one, I collaborated with Kathleen Corey, urban designer and transportation engineer, who created “Small Places” with her partner Brian Gould. Small Places is a way for them to document urban transformations in public space and active transport.

We interviewed 4 people, with very different backgrounds: Jacie deHoop (an entrepreneur), Leif Thorseth (a musician), Kees Lokman (an associate professor of landscape architecture), and Ding Yu (an urban designer and landscape architect). I love this video because I think a little bit of the soul of Vancouver shines through it!

To see more urban visuals of Vancouver, as well as the Netherlands, take a look at their Youtube channel: 

The Water is Life T-shirt worn by Kees Lokman was designed by Onionhead, who lives and works on the Blackfoot Territory Wichispa Oyade. 


Kees Lokman is an associate professor of landscape architecture at the University of British Columbia. His research focuses on design challenges related to climate change and sea level rise. This work is funded through various municipalities, as well as organizations including Natural Resources Canada and the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions.

Ding Yu is a landscape architect, urban designer, and planner with a focus on large-site master plans and waterfront park planning. Ding strives to explore innovative ways to integrate the natural and built environments – to protect and enhance ecosystem services in the context of rapid growth and inevitable densification. As a minority, Ding is passionate about using physical planning and design tools to help elevate the voices of marginalized communities.

Brooklyn Ding Lokman is a preschooler that enjoys making arts and crafts, singing and biking. On the weekends, she loves exploring all the parks and playgrounds with her papa and mama. She proudly rides her peddle bike and is working on conquering the uphills in the neighbourhood. When she grows up, she wants to be (as brave and strong as) Moana.

Leif Thorseth is a musician playing professionally and as a hobbyist for 20 years. Leif was guitarist for indie rock bands Despistado and Rah Rah. While music is a big part of Leif’s life, he is also passionate about public space and is a certified associate in project management.

Jacie deHoop is a co-founder and head of partnerships and revenue at The GIST, a sports media startup that makes sports more accessible and inclusive to all sports fans. She leads the company’s revenue strategy and monetization through partners like the NBA, FanDuel, and Adidas. Jacie and her team were named to Forbes 30 Under 30 Media 2020 and have been accelerated through programs with Facebook, Comcast NBCUniversal, and Techstars.