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Broadway Plan Interactive Map

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Information matters….and so does context. So, as the City of Vancouver embarks on four open houses related to the Broadway Plan over the next week and a half, we want to share the wonderful information in the interactive map below. Updated to June 12, 2024—and continually refreshed—it shows the active rezoning applications and possible sites for rezoning for the Broadway Plan.

Although the City has its own interactive map for Vancouver as a whole, this one allows viewers to get more nuanced information about the projects easily. It also provides a greater visual understanding of the areas slated for potential change over the coming years, as they relate directly to the Broadway Plan.

Originally published on CityHallWatch, one can click the markers to see further details about each site, including links to City websites, if available. Here is colour-coding convention used:

  • Green markers show the approved rezonings
  • Red markers are buildings that have been submitted for residential rezoning. However, they are not yet on the City’s ShapeYourCity website. More information about the proposals can be found on the City’s permits page. One can use a creation date range to get rezonings and building grades or search by address for all permits for a property. Note that some properties have both development and building permits.
  • Orange markers on the interactive map indicate rezoning applications officially made public through the active listings on Vancouver’s portal website for public consultation. Each has links to ShapeYourCity webpages, accordingly.
  • Purple markers indicate are used for office/industrial rezonings undergoing consultation.
  • Dark blue markers are sites of interest for office/industrial.
  • Light blue markers are a catch-all for information including but not limited to pre-rezoning letters of inquiry and exploratory work done.

What does the map show?

As mentioned, the map depicts active rezoning applications along with possible sites for rezoning. Although there are a lot of markers, this represents the tip of the iceberg in terms of the volume of tower applications in the works related to the Broadway Plan. The current list shows over 60 buildings at some stage in the cycle ranging from 5- to 32-storeys. Although most sites have only one tower, some have two. In total, the current list would account for nearly 8,000 units, although one must importantly subtract those lost by demolition and demovictions. 

The interactive map is based on independent research and is provided “as-is.” Since applications are continual, one cannot guarantee the accuracy of this map or related information. If you have concerns about any site, please check with the City of Vancouver for further details. For more information about the applications included, see the bottom of this post.

Sharing and Additional Information

If you feel sites are missing or want to share updates or clarifications, please write a comment on CityHallWatch here, email, or use Twitter/X to @CityHallWchVan. There are some of the telltale signs that someone is interested in redeveloping a property including but not limited to delegations of well-dressed persons touring the site; surveyors with equipment doing site surveys and placing survey marks on the sidewalk or road; recent real estate sales; changes in property management companies; and units being left vacant after a tenant moves out of a rental unit. 

In the case of multi-unit rental apartment buildings, the potential upheaval and disruptions to individual renters and families can be pronounced, given the amount of displacement and demovictions that may follow after a site is rezoned. If tenants know well in advance that their building might be redeveloped, they may have a better chance to organize and negotiate for better terms—especially if relocation and eviction from their homes is a possible outcome. This map is useful towards this end.

It is important to know that the City introduced what it claims are “enhanced” tenant protections for renters in the Broadway Plan area, to supplement the City’s existing Tenant Relocation and Protection Policy (TRPP). However, some say the “protections” provided offer limited benefits to affected tenants. Consequently, the ABC-dominated Council rejected a motion to simply monitor and track demovictions.

Considering the City’s lack of interest, CityHallWatch is considering a volunteer effort to do so. Please contact them for information. If you are a renter concerned about your situation, Tenant Resource and Advisory Centre (TRAC) is an excellent starting place.

Related more specifically to the Broadway Plan, one can also visit the Vancouver Tenant’s Union (or VTU, see There sire includes information on RentersPlan as “an alternative to transit-oriented displacement along Broadway.” VTU also has a special page on “How to find out if your building is for sale,” to unite and support tenants who may risk being demovicted. If your apartment building has been identified for redevelopment and the developer and City is holding a briefing, consider networking with your neighbours as well as getting outside help (like the VTU) so that you know your rights.

If you feel sites are missing or want to share updates or clarifications, please write a comment on CityHallWatch here, email, or use Twitter/X to @CityHallWchVan.


Here’s a list of identified sites. Some of these sites may well be abandoned and not go to a rezoning or development permit stage.

Address Storeys Units/use FSR Notes/Proponent
2520-2532 W 16th Ave 5   2.4 near Broadway Plan area
2267-2275 W 7th Ave 22 190 6.8 mature rental apartment at 2267 W7th
2233 W 3rd Ave 20     DA Architects + Planners
2225 W 8th Ave 20 207 6.15 JTA Development Consultants
2226 W 8th Ave 20 185 6.33 Townline Homes Inc.
2175 W 7th Ave 20 182 6.5 Gracorp Properties LP
2103 W Broadway       DP refused for 11 storeys in 2021
2156-2172 W 14th Ave 18 170 5.8 HAVN Developments Ltd.
2096 W Broadway 30 260 11.4 PCI Developments and TransLink
1960 W 7th Ave 20 183 6.5 mature rental apartment on site
1855 W 2nd Ave 17 184 6.5 JTA Development Consultants
1726 W 11th Ave 20 & 19 295 6.8 mature rental apartment on site
1750 W 13th Ave       mature rental apartment on site
1676 W 11th Ave 21 160 6.5 mature rental apartment on site
1635-1645 W 12th 20     two mature rental apartment buildings on lot assembly
1665-1685 W 11th 22 190 6.8 one mature rental apartment in lot assembly
2323 Fir St 12 DP 46   Building Permit for 12 storeys
1551 W 7th Ave 21 125 8 La Maison de la Francophonie / would shade Burrard Slopes Park
1540 W 10th Ave 20 98 6.5 Reliance and DIALOG
1550 W 11th Ave 17 124 6.5 JTA Development Consultants
1551-1535 W16th Ave 20     Stuart Howard Architects Inc.
2301-2329 Granville St 8 DP     not under construction
1434 W 8th Ave 25 162 8.07 PCI Developments Corp.
1414 W Broadway 30     Stuart Howard Architects Inc.
1441 W Broadway       Shato Holdings Ltd.
1364 W 11th Ave 20 175 6.48 mature rental apartment on site, opposite side of laneway from 1365 W12th rezoning
1305 W 13th Ave 20 180   mature rental apartment on site
1365 W 12th Ave 20 116 6.5 mature rental apartment on site
1368-1398 W Broadway     previously a gas station (fenced off) at 1398 W Broadway
1395 W Broadway 24 office 9 Yuanheng BH Developments Ltd.
1245-1265 W 10th Ave 20 164 6.5 3 mature rental apartments on lot assembly
1190 W 10th Ave` 21 172 6.8 JTA Development Consultants / StudioOne
1171 W 12th Ave 17     Stuart Howard Architects Inc.
1045 W 14th Ave 20 202 5.95 Wall Financial
2219-2285 Cambie St 10 office 7.48 MCM Partnership / Nicola Wealth Real Estate
855-865 W 10th Ave 12 office 6.12 rezoning approved May 9, 2023, no construction
426 W 14th Ave 18 134 5.5 Stuart Howard Architects Inc.
288 W 8th Ave 7 office-industrial   MA+HG Architects
210 W 6th Ave 11 office and HRA 6.6 PC Urban Properties Corp., in view cone 3.2.4a
121 W 11th Ave 18 165 5.8 HAVN Developments Ltd.
130 W Broadway 29 & 28 524 8.46 IBI Group / Reliance Properties
4 W 3rd Ave 10 & 11 industrial-office 6.6 PCI Developments
11 E 4th Ave 9 retail-office-lab   KMBR Architects Planners
2-24 E Broadway 14 152 7.5 Chard, requests no office space on 2nd floor (non-conformant)
10 E 11th Ave 16 114 6.5 insufficient tower separation with 25-55 E 12th rezoning
25-55 E 12th Ave 20 397 6.8 JTA Development Consultants
45 E 16th Ave 18 152 6.5 JTA Development Consultants
125 E 4th Ave 8 mixed-use industrial-office Acton Ostry Architects Inc.
124-148 E 6th Ave   office-industrial 6 Henriquez Partners Architects
1940 Main St   49 3.75 was approved as 6storeys on Dec 11, 2019, no construction work
2015 Main St 25 210 6.22 approved Jan 30, 2024 without private balconies
2111 Main St 24 x 2 377   motel site
215-229 E 13th Ave 21 194 6.64 JTA Development Consultants
233-245 E 11th Ave 5 45   Metric Architecture
320 E 2nd Ave 20     previously approved DP for 5 storeys
2950 Prince Edward St 32 & 25 565 8.5 QuadReal
465-475 East Broadway     Reliance Properties, previous 5-storey approval
464 E 8th Ave 8 64 4  
461 E 16th Ave 20 177    
523 East 10th Ave 19 175 6 Fastmark Development
2535 Carolina St 557-569 E10th 18 150 5.8 HAVN Developments, 2nd tower on blockface is non-conformant
701 Kingsway 24 201 8.5 tower would shade Robson & McAuley Parks
1302-1318 E 12th Ave 6 33 3.2 beside Broadway Plan area
2904 W 4th Ave 6     C-2 SRP


Erick Villagomez is the Editor-in-Chief at Spacing Vancouver and teaches at UBC’s School of Community and Regional Planning.


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  1. Great work! Coincidentally, I had suggested to the Jericho Coalition that something like what you’ve created for Broadway would be very helpful in visualizing the impact of towers at Jericho as the developers’ drawings manage to minimize this. And we’re talking 50 storey towers that will be visible for miles in every direction. It would be awesome if you could do something similar for that development proposal

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