Sean Ruthen is a Metro Vancouver-based architect and writer.

EcoArchitecture: The Work of Ken Yeang

Ecodesign applies not just to how we design, construct, use, recycle, and eventually biointegrate our buildings back into the... Read More

Stan Douglas – Abbott & Cordova, 7 August 1971

I wasn’t interested in the image conveying a single message. I was more interested in facilitating a conversation between people... Read More

Writing About Architecture – Mastering the Language of Buildings and Cities

“There are times when city dwellers have been roused from passivity – Disaster (Ground Zero) and personal affront (NIMBYism... Read More

Houses Made of Wood and Light – The Life and Architecture of Hank Schubart

“Asked by a client to describe his architecture, Schubart reportedly replied, “Glass and cedar, contemporary West Coast style.” It was... Read More

Vanishing Vancouver: The Last 25 Years

“As the eighties progressed , the city – especially its residential areas – endured a demolition spree. The theme of my earlier... Read More

Metropol Parasol – J. Mayer H.

“With the patronage of the Seville City Council, the new Plaza de la Encarnacion has been converted into the contemporary urban centre... Read More

Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS) – Part 1

[Editor’s note: We are pleased to give Spacing Vancouver reader’s a deeper look into Centre for Interactive Research on... Read More

The Embodied Image: Imagination and Imagery in Architecture

“The Embodied Image: Imagination and Imagery in Architecture completes my study on the role of the senses, embodiment, and imagination... Read More

Go East, Young City, Security and Aesthetic improvements

“The Burns Block is named for its original owner and builder, Patrick Burns of P. Burns & Company, who had it built in 1909... Read More

High-rise: Idea and Reality

“Despite the trauma of September 11, 2011, the skyscraper still retains much of its appeal in the twenty-first century – both for the... Read More