Paul Giang grew up exploring Edmonton’s landscape, which led him to become an ecologist and urbanist. After studying in Montreal and India, he came back to Edmonton to rediscover and share what he loves about the city.


The picnic tables at Amiskwaskahegan need to go!

An article in Metro Edmonton last week described Amiskwaskahegan (also known as Beaver Hills House Park) as a ‘drug park’ that is... Read More

Architorture: The Glass Box

Drawing by David Holdsworth. Read More

Edmonton’s urbanism headlines: May 4 – 10

POLITICS Laura Lynn Johnston turns Peter MacKay’s ‘Albertastan’ comment into T-shirt [CBC] Staples: Edmonton expects... Read More

Edmonton urbanism headlines: April 20 – 26

DEVELOPMENT Lamphier: It’s Pedwaytropolis! City’s pedway network to undergo big expansion [Edmonton Journal] Historic Ortona Armouries... Read More

Update: Re-imagining Downtown Public Event and Voting

WHERE: former Rutherford Bookstore in Enterprise Square (10230 Jasper Avenue) WHEN:  April 10, 5:30PM for the announcement of the... Read More

Edmonton urbanism headlines: March 30 – April 4

CITY MEMORY EVENT April 18: Bus tour discovering Edmonton’s brewing & malting history [ECAMP] Oral history project documents... Read More

Edmonton urbanism headlines: March 23 – 29

ABORIGINAL CITY EVENT April 23: Bought your tickets yet? The Walrus Talks Aboriginal City [The Walrus] Youths picked to ‘jolt’ city... Read More

Edmonton urbanism headlines: March 9 – 14

INFRASTRUCTURE & DEVELOPMENT Back alley potholes could cost $120 million to repair [Edmonton Journal] Rusting city street light... Read More

Edmonton urbanism headlines: February 23 – March 1

TRANSPORT Limited cash for west Edmonton LRT until 2034 [Edmonton Journal] Simons: City needs the right economic tools to build... Read More

Edmonton urbanism headlines: February 17 – 22

HERITAGE High repair costs make future uncertain for historic downtown McDougall United Church [Edmonton Journal] Simons: McDougall... Read More