Four-wheel drifting

I went for a drive two Sundays ago. My intention was to go for a walk, but it was pouring, and though I often like to walk in the... Read More

Queen and Spadina, 2015

What would happen if people simply disappeared from the intersection of a large metropolis, never to return? How would this... Read More

Ghosts on the wall

All buildings are haunted. Toronto has some pretty stubborn ghosts living in its warehouses and refurbished lofts and empty brick... Read More

Rivers below

Thousands of years old and buried alive, their ghosts are awakened with the advent of spring. Foundations creak and floorboards rot as... Read More

The Port Lands, 2043

Excerpted from the Toronto section of “The Green Traveller Guide”, 2043 edition. "…No trip to Toronto would be... Read More

Steeles and Yonge, 2020

The following short story by Jim Munroe takes place in the year 2020 near the intersection of Yonge Street and Steeles Avenue... Read More

The city hall(s) we could’ve had

The first half of the 20th century saw Toronto's civic leaders contemplate a number of different city hall and civic square... Read More

Walking, or sitting, in the clouds

Sitting on top of an underground parking lot just off the corner of Yonge and Temperance Streets, the Cloud Garden Parkette is a... Read More

Erratic boulders

In September 2004, local artist Maura Doyle had a nine-tonne rock moved from its resting place in the Kawartha Lakes to the Toronto... Read More

Gardening for ads

In the craziest billboard jungle in Canada, advertisers will go to extreme lengths to get noticed. A lucrative business has been... Read More