Slipping through the spectacle

People in Toronto like to drag their parties out onto the streets. It gives the rest of us a chance to sneak in and crash them, or... Read More

Enjoy getting lost in your own city

I like to walk around the city. Since I moved here four years ago, I have wanted to find out what lies beyond each street or park. Not... Read More

Four-wheel drifting

I went for a drive two Sundays ago. My intention was to go for a walk, but it was pouring, and though I often like to walk in the... Read More

Adventures in North York

Living downtown, it's easy to forget just how suburban much of Toronto is. We may not like suburbia, but it's probably the... Read More

Underneath the layers

Bloor and Bathurst might be our greatest big city corner — not because of skyscrapers or starchitecture but because of Honest... Read More

The gorge-ous Rouge Valley

The opening lines of Robert Frost's "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" read "Whose woods these are I think I... Read More

Following Sackville’s ghosts

Sackville Street begins at a chain-link dead end, and it’s downhill from there. All of Cabbagetown’s northern edge is... Read More

Rambling the length of Queen Street

In anticipation of the Walk 21 conference on all things pedestrian, Spacing organized the Great Queen Street Psychogeographic Walk. We... Read More

Where the lines blur Brown

I once heard Browns Line described as the ugliest street in Toronto, but I didn't bother to confirm this until recently. Browns... Read More

The bungalow horizon of Willowdale

If you look at a map of Toronto, you'll see two bands that run across the top. One is the fat and wide 401 that we're all... Read More