Issue 18 /// Oh, The Spectacle

The summer 2010 issue is packed full of great articles. Our cover section explores the spectacles we find in Toronto. Our contributors explore the history of riots in the city (how timely, eh?), Pride, Caribana, and how criminals used to be hanged in public. Senior editor Dylan Reid proposes that a dynamic public realm is not necessarily clean and beautiful — it’s full of messy urbanism. The work of photographer Peter MacCallum highlights the layers of architectural history on Yonge Street. Readers will also learn about the City’s attempt to deal with tall buildings in the downtown core, why some streets don’t line up, how many people flow in and out of every subway station, and much more. Our articles are accompanied by the fantastic work of photographers Sam Javanrouh, Miles Storey, and many others.

Articles will be added following publication of the next issue.